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Before and after pictures are great!

So too is member experience and feedback!


You don't tend to find pictures of patients 2 years post op! Would anyone like to contribute? Thanks


But it is hard to find answers to:


Post operation success rate say 6 – 12 months?

Examples of patient(s) who has been unsuccessful or unhappy in the last 12 months using FUE?

If implantation occurs in the crown with sparse hair how is damage avoided with these existing hair during implantation in this area? What complications can arise during the operation?

What techniques are used to enhance success rate?

What is your transection rate?

Why does transplanting a healthy follicle all of a sudden become dormant or die when placed in an area with good nutrient supply? To me its seems extraction is more important than implantation am I wrong? The follicle is a fine, delicate and complex structure and ‘ripping’ it out can certainly cause irreparable damage?

What assurances / insurances do I have?

Medical tourists certainly have no legal recourse or do they?


Why can I not find any independent studies regarding the efficacy of FUE?






Or am I too curious?



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