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Minoxidil before HT, stopping afterwards?


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Hello everyone,


I'm new here so please excuse my lack of knowledge on various topics!


I'm currently in my mid-20's and have been losing hair for roughly 3 years (on and off) but thankfully I still have plenty left, however my scalp visibility (crown) is inevitably on the horizon. Although I don't have a receding hairline, I would say by the end of this year my crown will feature a noticeable bald spot unless I comb over it every time, so I should probably take action soon.


Naturally, I view lifelong use of Minoxidil as quite a daunting task (especially twice a day) so a HT is more appealing to me in that respect. The only problem is that I feel it's too soon to take drastic measures; my current hair loss situation isn't aggressive and remains manageable.


So, my question is this:


If I start using Minoxidil now (for a couple of years), would it be possible to stop and go for a HT in the future and never have to use Minoxidil after that? Or is it literally a case of once you start, you can't stop?


Am I better off avoiding Minoxidil altogether and just going for a HT straight away? My main concern is the need to apply Minoxidil every day of my life, not very keen on that!




Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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