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Dr.Panine 2nd procedure 3473 grafts


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Im almost 3 weeks post op with my second procedure with Doctor Panine, went in for a 3500 procedure and ended up with 3,473 grafts. I guess my donor area is pretty much done, save a possible smaller FUE procedure in the future.


My goal was to reinforce my hairline and get decent coverage to about the top 2/3 rds of my head and am petty confident DR.Panine did the job.


In my first procedure DR.Panine did a nice job restoring a decent hairline for me, it will be interesting to see the entire finsihed product in the coming months. Here is the link to my first procedure post, Ill import some of those pictures to this one later.




Here are post op pictures and a picture of about a week and a half post up, the red areas on my scalp were dense packed and grafts were sprinkled in the opposite ends of the denser packer areas as I had more hair there. I am hoping this will give me coverage close to what DR.Panine did for my hairline throughout the first 2/3rd or so of my scalp, the finisterede I'm on seemed to have done a decent job covering some of the back crown of my area that was left alone and while thin is at least covered to a decent extent.







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