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SMP too soon?


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I had my hair transplant about a year and one month ago, and it didn't turn out how i would have imagined at all. however, i still have a good amount of native hair, just thinning, and enough hair on my crown to pull off a buzz cut and dermmatch unnoticed.


i want to get SMP to fill in the thinning spots, and if i keep my hair buzzed, i think it would turn out really well! i read that a HT takes around 16 months to fully see the end results though, so i was wondering if should hold off until that mark, or if it doesn't matter.


not sure if i am expected to see a lot more growth, or if what i see so far is as good as it will get. i don't want to prematurely get SMP, and then have more hair grow and it look too dense in spots.



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