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Its great the information you can pick up from your site. Thanks!



Anyway I am European based and possibly considering an attempt at Norwood 3 to 4 HT (2400 – 3000 FU). So I am looking at Europe and Turkey.

Most of the posts here are from satisfied patients and the doctors websites of course post the best results. There are very few ‘horror’ stories to read about – where are they? People are all too happy to boast about great results – bad results however tend to be subdued!




Do I assume the industry has advanced enough that there is a relatively high standard today?



My concerns are this:

I have to assume a worst case scenario for this exercise. Should after the ht - nothing develops and what will I look like in both the donor areas and the recipient areas.




Of course I understand the skill and experience of the practitioner is paramount and it seems those who you read about here have good backgrounds and appropriate work experience. So I will assume the standard is good from what I read.




So I am relatively comfortable with how I am now but I will not be happy if after the procedure things look worse where I have suffered scar damage, unnatural looking hair placement, patches, rashes, sores, forever loss of donor areas, incorrect densities, permanent shock loss etc. etc.


Will the micro motor leave much scarring?


Will the recipient area be damaged / scarred??


Is the already present hair in the recipient area damaged whilst implanting trying to achieve a fuller look? i.e. crown area??


Shock loss it seems can happen in both donor and recipient areas?


Isn't shock loss simply a hair follicle not taking root or one that has already died or one that is damaged or one placed poorly and hence has no blood supply??



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