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Virginia Surgical Arts AKA Washington Medical Virginia Beach, VA


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I had surgery at this location 2 years ago and it was a mess. I paid them thousands of dollars and none of the things they promised came true. The doctor, Dr Sergio Venditti, wasn't even involved in any part of my surgery:mad:. Everything from the initial consultation to the surgery itself and followup appointments were all done by other people. My initial consultation was done by a business manager with no medical experience, my FUE surgery was done by people who weren't certified hair transplant nurses and the follow up was again done by Patrick Reynolds :mad:a business manager with no medical experience, I met the doctor once, when he gave me shot before having other incompetent people put me under the knife, that was it. They damaged my hair and left me to deal with lost money, insane migraine headaches and having to go bald because the donor area and recipient area bot looked like horrible:mad:. I eventually went to Dr John Diep( He offers an out of state fee which is cheaper and is involved in every aspect of the procedure) for another FUE and 6 months later my hair growing. Virginia Surgical Arts Cosmetic Surgery which also goes by the name Washington Medical Hair Clinics is a fraud what ever you do DO NOT get an FUE at this location.

They are located at

1240 Perimeter Pkwy #401,

Virginia Beach, VA 23454

(757) 430-7690

I repeat unless you money to throw away DO NOT get an FUE from this location.

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Virginia Surgical Arts aka Washington Medical Hair is not affiliated at all with Virginia Surgical Hair Center. Dr. Sergio Venditti has his own business and is Washington Medical Hair/Virginia Surgical Arts whom I believe is a oral surgeon. CHRIS CLARK and PATRICK REYNOLDS are not affiliated with Virginia Surgical Hair Center! Lets get this together.

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