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minoxidil post transplant question


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Hey guys!


I'm about 2 months post op a FUE procedure and I have used minoxidil 5% for the last 5 weeks. However, I'm starting to notice some side effects, It's making my skin look bad in the face and It's giving me alot of bloat and a puffy look.

I'm thinking about stopping the minoxidil, but my question is, for how long is it recommended to use minoxidil post a hair transplant?


I have to say that I also had some shockloss in the recipient area, so I guess that Minox. is important to get those native hairs that fell in to shock back. So my question is, for how long do I have to use the minoxidil, to promote faster growth of the HT hairs and possibly get the shocklossed hairs back.


Thank you for your answers!

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