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Women and DHT - interesting thought


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I have been on finasteride, mainly 1.25 proscar for three years now and can fortunately say that I have had no side effects that I have noticed at all. I am about to be 25 which may have something to do with this. My hormone levels are at an all time high. Nevertheless I am still worried about long term effects of this drug.


I was thinking though. Women have 1/10 the dht that men do and propecia does not reduce DHT by close to 90%. Women get by perfectly fine without DHT. (I understand men rely on testosterone for sex drive - which may be affected) But following this train of thought - if your sex drive isn't affected, isn't it safe to assume that nothing else will. All these claims of brain fog and other things never happen to women or people born with DHT deficiencies. The only time DHT seems really crucial is from conception to right post-puberty. After that it seems to serve less of a purpose for us men. Thinking about it this way makes sense to me and quite frankly eases my mind.


Also I know that this has probably been done before but can posters that have been on fin for a long time with no side effects speak up.


3 years plus some and not one side effect I can name. Hair is stable and thicker as a result. I also work out everyday though and eat well.

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