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One year ago : FUT - 3700 grafts

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The Patient is 32 years old.


The donor area was excellent.


He had a very good elasticity and curly hair. What else to be a better candidate ?


So, he received 3700 grafts for 8224 hair with the FUT technique.


Details : 558 FUT1, 1904 FUT2, 1094 FUT3, 144 FUT4.


The re growth was very fast and the result is beautiful.


Best Wishes to all,


Dr Jean Devroye








Dr. Jean Devroye

HTS Clinic - Bruxelles

Email: info@hts-clinic.com 

Telephone: +32 2 880 70 60

Website: https://www.hair-transplant-surgery.com/en/home

Online consultation: https://www.hair-transplant-surgery.com/en/Online-diagnostic

Devroye Instruments: https://www.devroyeinstruments.com/

Dr. Devroye is a member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians

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