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Canceling hair club contract


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Hello Everyone my name is Rodriger Smith

I am trying to get out of my current hair club contract. I signed a 12 month contract and i decided to cancel after 3 months of using it because i could not make the appointments because of my busy work schedule so i called the hair club and told them i need to cancel. They said they need a 90 day notice in order to cancel. They said that i have to continue using their service and making my monthly payments for the next three months because that is what i signed for in the contract. So i read my contract and it did in fact say " This program is not subject to cancellation unless client presents a written letter of cancellation 90 days prior to their actual desired cancellation date.Cancellation of contract will occur 90 days from actual receipt of cancellation notice from client. ALL MONTHLY PAYMENTS WILL STAY IN EFFECT UNTIL CANCELLATION DATE"

So i decided at that point that i will have to follow through with the contract for the next three months and figure out a way to work the appointments into my schedule. According to my stylist, I was due for a new hair system two weeks prior to submitting my written cancellation notice. My hair system was deteriorating to the point it did not look real anymore. A few days ago, i went in to get a new hair system cut in. The salon manager refused to give me a new hair piece and said that she could clean the current hair system and put it back on. I told her that my hair piece is way over due, you guys promised me a new hair piece every 6 weeks and now since i decided to cancel, you want me to stay for the next 3 months but you do not want to give me a new hair piece. I said, how do you expect me to stay with you for 3 months if you are not going to give me the service you promised? The salon manager replied that you are canceling your contract therefore, you do not get a new hair piece. I said my contract is not canceled YET. It is canceled 90 days after the notice so therefore i should be entitled to all services up to cancellation date. I was very calm with her and she began yelling at me telling me i dont care what you say, you are not getting a new hair piece and you must continue on with our service for the next 3 months and she stormed out of the room.


In my opinion, this is a breach of a contract because she is not providing me the services she had promised me. What should i do in this situation?

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