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3300 grafts with Dr Ilhan Serdaroglu,Istanbul


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Hello everyone.i am 33 years old mail from London UK.i have been doing a thorough research for the last four or five months about a fue procedure in turkey.i contacted no less than 15 to twenty between doctors and centres.one day I decided to go on a Turkish hair loss website just to have an idea where the Turks go for fue as they would know better.i came a cross this doctors name quite often and even saw some impressive after pictures and made contact with the dr.his name is Dr Ilhan Serdaroglu.his clinic is on the Asian side of istanbul in a famous street called Bagdat Caddesi such means in English Baghdad Street.quite a posh area of istanbul.the clinic is on top of a Tommy Hilfiger shop.he gave me a very good price of 2000 Euro not including hotel.we were aiming for about 4000 grafts but in the end they took 3300 grafts.the Dr takes the grafts himself with a micro motor.and then one of his medical team makes the channels and then the same nurse and and another one start implanting the grafts.the clinic is extremely clean and is beautifully decorated and has a very professional feel to it.i will try to upload some pictures.thank you all and I hope you find this helpful.i am more than open to any questions and queries


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