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I have been a client of AHS in Sydney for about 6 years now and have paid thousands in maintenance and product and I have to say have been satisfied with my results but since getting a haircut and wash every 6 weeks cost about $70 I've been doing it myself for the last 6 months. They quoted me about $6000 for 2 new units which would probably last about 1-2 years if I'm lucky. My question is, who else can I go to supply me with the same kind of thing. I have one of my templates here and an old unit and have been reading here all different companies over the world but not in Sydney. Anyone have the same experience and have found an alternative they might recommend. Thanks in advance and great forum by the way, Cheers.. icon_smile.gif

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You are happy with being ripped off by "Advanced Hair studio" ???




You must either work there or one of AHS dummys on this website I guess so.


Them shaddy bastards are good for nothing, they should be put behind bars & get raped in their arses everyday

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Cant suggest anything in sydney but I am in NZ and was with AHS here and got the same treatment and was sick of being ripped off by these crooks. I now have 2 systems from hair Direct in the states (http://www.hairdirect.com) dealt with a lady there online called Mary and Im just stoked!

I got 2 systems for about $1200 (NZD) and they have all the products and produst is fantastic.

With hair dirst you basically have to do it all at home yourself but i found a private hairdresser down the road who does it from home and she does exactly what AHS did at half the price...just go to hair direct and you can buy the bonding/tape/color and conditioner.

any questions just let me know.

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