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FUT Experience with Dr Rogers and Hair Transplant Surgeries


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Hi Everyone!


I just wanted to share some information about my recent procedure so hopefully it can help others!


Firstly, I really recommend everyone to do their own research! I went to a number of consultations before deciding on the firm and surgeon, and the differences between providers is the like the difference between Asda Smart Price and Asda's Finest! (Sorry - rubbish analogy!).


Firstly, one firm I would really recommend staying away from is UK Hair Transplant Clinics! It only takes a Google search to find bad news about this firm and its owners; to save some time, here is one such article I would recommend reading:


(promotional link removed)


I added to the above forum to tell my story about UK Hair Transplant Clinics, and I would suggest reading it (please note there was a couple of points where I got the name wrong! It is 'UK HAIR TRANSPLANT CLINICS' you should stay away from, not 'HAIR TRANSPLANT SURGERIES' (I have re-clarified this on the thread!).


I'll end this by just commenting how made up I am with my surgery; I had FUT surgery with Dr Rogers on Harley Street, through Hair Transplant Surgeries, a firm I cannot recommend highly enough (please see attached thread above); even after I added to this thread on the 09/11/13, I am still in regular correspondence with Mark at Hair Transplant Surgeries (HTS), who talked me through all the after-care and making sure everything is going as it should be (which it is!). I can’t stress enough how much the aftercare has been appreciated and is such a big part to the success of the procedure, so you really do not want a firm that takes your money then says goodbye!


Only other advice I can give is when you go for surgery bring a baseball cap (Dr Rogers kindly gave me one as I forgot!), which should be very lose fitting, and they should show you how to take it on and off; this is just to protect the implants if you are then travelling onwards straight after the procedure.


Also, don’t panic about it! I can honestly, hand on heart, say the only pain I felt was when they inject the antiseptic into the donor area and the transplant area. This only lasts a minute tops as Dr Rogers made sure the area was completely numb before anything is carried out (I honestly think I could have taken a baseball bat to the head and not felt anything!). Oddly, the whole experience was surprisingly relaxing!


If you want to ask me any questions about the procedure or my provider/surgeon, my all means reply to me on this thread.


All the Best,


Dan (2 Months Post-Op)

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