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Could this be early growth?

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Hi guys


I'm now 1 month and 3 days post op and everything has went really well. I had a FUT surgery with 2075 grafts yield, appr. only lost 3 as I'm concerned. My whole recipient area was, as far as my poor knowledge can proclaim, healed after 6-7 days and every crust and scab was shed.


Now my donor area is just slightly bumpy, although still red but just a little soar.


Im taking Finasteride 1.25 mg, biotin 10.000 mcg and Omnimin multivitamins. I've shed some hair throughout the past month, especially in my right temple region, don't ask me why its not equal but yeah.


Yesterday I had a cut and did find it kinda strange that some tiny baby hairs have grown out and all shedding has stopped. Could this really be early growth? The appr. 2000 grafts was in a very dens area in my hairline, please se the attached photos.


Thanks, guys!




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Hi Ranonym,


Would it be possible for you to post a couple of photos showing the recipient area and placement of the grafts immediately after the procedure. Seeing the exact areas that were treated would help determine what is visible in these one month post-op photos. A pre-op photo would be good to see as well.


I will gladly tell you my perspective and opinion after seeing the documentation. I would not dismiss the possibility of early growth. The front looks very healthy.



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