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eyelash problem

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I hope no one will judge as my problem and story is a bit different from most stories here.

I'm 32 years of age and my head hair is brownish, my beard is black. I have a skin type 3-4. But my eyelashes have always been white.

Since I was a kid people commented: is that a wig or why do you dye your hair and forget about your lashes?

When I was 16 someone seemed to have the perfect solution: eyelash tinting.

I've had it done and after two days I've noticed that white parts were growing in again. Eyelash growth is very irregular. Some parts are in a growing phase, others in a resting phase. After a week I looked like a piano which was very odd.


The beautician recommended me to cover the growing parts with mascara, but hey, I'm a man. It didn't feel like a solution, more like wearing a wig when you're bald and that's why I guess some of you might understand the feeling: you cover something but it doesn't feel like it's part of you. It feels fake.


I've also tried latisse but it didnt do anything for me.


Lately I've been wondering. I do have dark hair growing on my body ( the darkest is my beard) and I've heard about eyelash transplants. Technically it should be possible to have a row of ( beard? ) hair transplanted to my eyelashes.


The other question I have is: I still have ( white) eyelashes. Would it be enough to create an extra row so the existing lashes are covered or would it be better to have permanently removed the existing ones and replace them by darker ones?


I know my question is not very common, but this is a major concern for me. We all want to look normal and natural, don't you think?

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