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hair replacment in Adelaide Australia


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Does anyone know of any good hair replacment companies in Adelaide Australia. I have visited the two of the largest which were Advanced Hair Studio and Transitions hair. My impressions of AHS was the prices were over the top and didnt care too much about the clients needs, they just wanted too make money....big business mentality. The transitions group was better but their prices were really expensive as well. Is it better to get it ordered from os or interstate and just bite the bullet and have it services with one of those companies


Just wanted to know what people were doing in Adelaide as I have transferred to Adelaide from Sydney for work and now have this dilema :(



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Hi, I'm in Adeaide too, been wearing since 1982 first with AHS because they were only ones around then, later moved to Transitions (formerly Top Secret) for a couple of years before going it alone.


My advice is give them both a BIG miss. Total rip offs, who sell very ordinary - and extremely expensive - systems. Go with the DIY online vendors - Coolpiece and Northwestlace in the States are good, there are many others too. You'll get much better quality lace systems which you can get cut in locally in Prospect by the local Cyberhair agent (even if you don't buy their mega buck pieces). Nice guy called Dominic who owns a pro hair styling salon called Esticia or something similar, should cost around $60.


Have a look at all the excellent self help videos on the Hair Direct site for info on how to do it all yourself, it's not rocket science, and you'll be the one in control, not some swanky salon salesman.


I now mostly get my systems [fullcaps] direct from Chna, although I still buy from the above-mentioned US vendors occasionally. Check their websites and the Hair Sytems forum on Hairlosshelp. Gave up on the high priced local salon suppliers many moons ago and would nver go back.

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