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Help! Conflicting information from different doctors

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Hello fellow hair loss sufferers,


I have been thoroughly reading this forum for a while now but this is my first post because I need your advice. I've been considering a HT for a while, and over the past 2-3 months have really started contacting a lot of different practices to see what they thought they could do for me.


In total I've spoken with 7 different practices all recommended by this site. 4 have said I'm a good candidate and given me a recommendation for the procedure. 2 have said I'm a good candidate but should wait until I'm a little older (I'm 25 now). The last one has told me I don't have sufficient donor density - this shocked me a little, as every other practice, including the ones who said to wait, have told me I have great density.


So I need some opinions. Do I look like I have good density?


I also just want to say that reading this forum has been a big help in dealing with my hair loss, so thanks to everyone who participates here!


Edit: Forgot to mention, I had these photos taken with extremely harsh flash, to highlight all thinning/unevenness.



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