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Hair Restoration timelines and few questions

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Hey guys,


I am considering a hair transplant since I believe it is crucial for my future and self-confidence. On a daily basis, I apply dermmatch + nanogen and apply the locking mist spray so the fibers stay on nicely. This does seem like the hair is stuck but it stays put and shows density. Anyhow, people dont know I have huge bald spots at all since I always have these on and they only come off when I am washing my hair.


I do want a permanent solution for lost hair and hair restoration seems to be an obvious choice. I have been recommended 3000 to 3500 grafts and am considering FUE only. I would like to get a fair idea about the timelines of a hair transplant. Specifically:


1. I would take about a week off from work. First day off would be surgery day and 6 days to heal (or a max of 8 with weekend probably..). I can disappear from the grid without much issues. Is this enough?


2. Since the transplanted hair would take quite a bit of time to grow, I want to continue using nanogen fibers and dermmatch after the surgery. How soon can I safely use these? I read something where they say dermmatch is bad after HT but dont know how accurate this might be. I cant wear a hat or cap to work and would go back to the routing of applying concealers till transplanted hair grows completely...


3. What can I expect to see for the 4 5 days after a transplant? Would there be a lot of redness, itchiness?


4. Also, a couple of docs said I should focus on adding more density to the front and then do a second procedure for the crown. Any particular reason for this? I am actually more concerned of the crown though and need fullness there although front is also crucial..


5. What kind of drugs, etc. would be recommended? Although I dont like the idea of taking these, are there natural remedies that would provide the equivalent of a minoxidil or propecia ?


6. I am pretty active and play sports. I ready 2 3 weeks break is necessary after an HT but would like to resume after that. I do have the fibers, dermmatch on while playing like in normal life. Would sweating it out with those alongwith the new follicles be bad in any way? Or maybe just paranoia on my part :P


I ve been going through this forum for a month now and just want to say its been a great one...really appreciate the time everyone has taken to provide honest opinions and experiences...



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