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Best FUE Surgeon for Asian Hair Recommendation Please

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Hello All,


First off thank you for this great resource.


I am wondering if you can please help me find the right surgeon for me (I know that everyone's situation is different).


I'm asian, mid-30s and thinning significantly but just concentrated in the crown area, with pretty thick and dense hair in the donor area and everywhere else including the hairline. Everyone on my Dad's side of the family is quite bald, and so I believe I will get there eventually, even though right now I am just seeing it in the crown region, which makes that my immediate concern.


I keep my hair cut pretty short on the sides and back (#1-2 clipper) and am a pretty active guy, and am in the water lots, and so am not a candidate for FUT.


I've been using Revita and Hairmax for a couple years now, and while they might've slowed the loss a little (hard to tell really), I'm definitely headed down the path of needing something more effective done, so I am ready to take the plunge for a HT, and so am trying to answer the critical questions.


I know that there are a number of great FUE surgeons out there, among the ones I see regularly mentioned here and in other forums as top notch are Doctors: Umar, Shapiro, Feller, Harris, Bisanga, Rahal, Feriduni and Bernstein.


I am wondering which one of these doctors (or one that I missed) would be best to specifically handle FUE for handle asian hair/scalp.


A couple other factors that pertain to my particular circumstance:


- overall cost is not a major consideration. I know that it is for a lot of people, but for me this will be worth every penny, and even if it costs twice as much for a 10% better result, I'd go that route.


- location is not a major issue. I am based half of the year in Asia and the other half in the US, but I travel often and so would be willing to go wherever necessary for the best doctor to treat me. If it were a tie, I'd of course go to a clinic in either the US or Thailand where I have residency, but if the best guy for me is in Europe or elsewhere, I'd do that without hesitation.


Also, I'm wondering, is there any reason to for sure go for robotic FUE, or to try to avoid it? From what I've read there are clear benefits to the efficiency in terms of not having the harvested follicles out of the scalp for a long time, and also the ability to minimize scarring and such. Sounds like many more benefits than not, and like I said the cost to me would be worth it.


Thank you so much for the advice and it does really help to see all of you guys going through the same thing as I am. Cheers to you for sharing your experiences and knowledge.

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I had work done by Dr. Bernstein in April of this year. Im also of asian decent and in my early thirties. The results are getting better by the day and the overall experience was superb. Dr. Bernstein and his staff were very thorough in explaining the procedure and setting a realistic goal. They have an Artas machine and Dr. Bernstein is featured on the manufacturers website. I wanted an FUE procedure - his office location, endorsement from Artas, reputation, years of experience, and great reviews made the decision easy. From what I have read, he is conservative and even though I wanted to do some crown work, I was advised against it because of my age. You may also consider saving your donor for future work on your hairline since it is the most visible area.

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