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Switched back to Rogaine liquid and now getting irritation


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I started on Rogaine liquid about 4 months ago and I was totally happy with it, but with my last order, the supplier threw in a free can of foam for me to try. I started using it and was unhappy with the texture and application methods.

After I finished the can of foam I went back to the liquid, but since I started that, I found my scalp became really itchy and I've been suffering a bit of dandruff, which has NEVER been a problem I've had in my life.


I got some Revita which is helping a bit, but I'm still waking up at 6am wanting to scratch my scalp uncontrollably. This morning, I just slapped on some soothing aftershave balm that I got for my birthday and never use.


I really don't like the foam and don't want to switch over to it, although the price is the same as the liquid for me.


Has anyone had this problem before? Any recommended soothing products?

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I don't think Minoxidil works on the principle of irritation...


Well the thing is I had already experienced a reasonable amount of regrowth (especially noticeable around the temples) and after the initial shedding, I had been losing far less hair. Irritation had not been a problem at all.


But since switching back to the liquid, the irritation has started and I've noticed a lot more hair falling out again.

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