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Hello, 23 at NW 4

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Hello, everyone

I been researching about MPB for awhile and I am lucky to find this website today. I think I started to lose my hair on my crown at 19-20yrs old. I realized when my friend (a girl I used to like) told me that I am going to be bald when I am older. It was my worst moment in my life. I became very depressed and was just cursing at the world. I kind of got out of it and started to do some research for myself and for my younger brother. I would do anything to prevent him from being in my position right now. I apologize for the stupid questions I will be asking now and Thank you very much in advance if you take your time to answer my questions.

- I haven't taken/applied any medicine and I read many posts about rogaine/propecia. is there a age limit on the medicine? would it affect on growth of my younger brother if he takes it(17yrsold)?

- I didn't read it here but it other websites I read many articles about eating right(beans, tofu etc). would it help to grow back hair?

- lastly, does massaging my scalp help grow back hair?


thank you for your time





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Hi hope2win, you are certainly in the right place to find answers to these questions. A quick search of these forums should reveal more in depth answers however, as you may know rogaine is a topical medicine and propecia an oral dihydrotestosterone inhibitor. Both are available from your physician (the former is available over the counter). I would strongly recommend talking either to your family doctor or a hair transplant doctor about getting on to both of these medications for at least 12 months in order to assess the effects on slowing down hair loss and hopefully regrowing some hair.


I don't think either of the medications are indicated for those under 18, and are only suitable for those undergoing some degree of hair loss. If your brother's hair is thinning then it is likely a good idea to get onto these medications post-18, otherwise it is a waste of time and money (and all medicines carry some risks).


Massage and diet will likely have little or no effect on male pattern baldness as the root cause (no pun intended) is genetic and hence, hereditary. A balanced diet and regular exercise can only work in your favour in the long run for your health and future ageing, so it's a good idea to maintain a healthy lifestyle regardless of the effect on your hair. Good luck, and keep reading other forum posts.

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