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Dr Beehner?


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Originally posted by mbeds:

Any personal experiences with Dr. Beehner in Saratoga, NY? or Dr Charles Olaf out of Syracuse?


hello, my name is miguel, rochester NY, greece

I had 3 transplants ith Dr Beehner in saratoga hair. Besides the fact that i need at least 2 more due to my age, i can tell you that Dr. beehner is one of the most experience HT doctor. I wish i had accomplish more with the HT, but it depends of the person hair, donor area and such. I know once i do the next 2 i will be all set.


the experience, care, and atittude of the doctor office is excellent, and even though i am half way there, i will highly recommend him to anyone. you can email me if you like to talk more about the procedure and experience, but in general, it has my approval, i will say, go for it...and go with doctor beehner.



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