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hair system to ht???

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I cannot see why it would not. HOWEVER you cannot use the wig after a HT. Doing so will kill the hair. So i think it's really hard for those that do use wigs to have HT in that respect.

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Transplanted hair will most certainly grow on such a scalp. This transition is done all the time. I don't think there are many of us, though, that would recommend that the patient go back to his "glue-on" method after the procedure. Almost always, the patient either switches to a "clips" attachment method (with two-way tape in front, making contact beneath the transplanted hairline) or the patient goes "cold turkey" and gets rid of his hairpiece.

As to growth of transplanted hair in a patient who continues to wear a hairpiece, there are some differences of opinion, but most of the experienced hair surgeons I talk with say that they see a certain small percentage of patients who have less than full growth (as compared with what they see in their non-hairpiece patients). I most definitely can recall 5 or 6 such patients in whom I was disappointed with the growth, but, on the other hand, have had over a hundred who had the same good growth I usually see in my regular patients. I can't prove it, but it seems to be more prevalent in patients with hyper-elastic, oily skin. For the last few years I have followed the advice of Dr. Bobby Limmer and Walter Unger, who have for a long time advised their hairpiece patients to go at least one week without wearing the hairpiece at all, and then, after that, to only wear it when socially necessary - such as at work, dates, etc. and in the home to take it off and simply wear a baseball cap. The exact mechanism of poor growth in some of these patients is not knows, but some have speculated it might be a "shearing" force on the new grafts, or perhaps increased temperature, moisture, bacteria counts, etc.

I hope these comments are somewhat helpful in understanding your situation. Talk to your salon and they will be able to assist you in the transition.

Mike Beehner, M.D.

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I wore a hairpiece through 2 surgeries. When I had the front done I lowered the system in the front so no contact was on the grafts, believe me I looked ridiculous but the grafts were unharmed.

After the grafts fully healed, 1 month, I started to glue again, which I wouldn't recommend at all!

In my opinion I lost more hair because of the piece than from normal loss due to the toxic glue, constant pulling and tugging, and who knows what else!

If you are wearing a full system try to get a smaller one and push the hair forward in a Caesar cut to eliminate the glue on the grafts.

Clips are just as hazardous to hair and cause loss as well but the benefit is you ony wear it as needed and any time you are home you can remove it.

What a great feeling that is believe me!!

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As all of you hair system wearers are well aware is that hair does grow underneath your system. This certainly would remain true even after a hair transplant procedure. I strongly recommend to switch from any type of glue or bonding material to a clip on method. Also, try to keep the system off as much as possible during the first 2 weeks. The more open air that the transplant is exposed to, the faster it will heal.

If you do covert to a clip on system, make sure that whenever you have new service done, make sure they rotate the clips so the same hairs are not tugged on month after month which can create thinning in these areas.

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