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midnite, any growth yet?


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Hi Ron,


Well.....I think I can say yes. Let me explain....

I definitely can see quite a few very thin new hairs. What I don't know is whether they are FU's growing or old hairs growing back from shock loss. I had quite a bit of shock loss. I'm thinking they are from the Shock loss hairs because of the location from where they are growing.


These new hairs at this time are very unmanageable (about 1/2 inch) and they are mostly toward the top of the crown. My doctor put most of the FU's up front and in the middle and then some on top of the crown (I had 2800 FU's). Not much is growing up front, but I do believe there are some new very thin hairs growing in the area where the FU's were in front.


I'm hoping these are FU's growing. Can't wait until they get longer and thicker and hopefully manageable. I'm actually just going on my third month. I had the surgery on Feb 4th. So I'm starting to get a bit excited.


Thanx for asking Ron...I will keep all informed.

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