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Any difference between Finasteride and Propecia?


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I know the effective ingredient in propecia is finasteride. Are there other additives in propecia that have an added benefit? I can't see why someone would purchase propecia if using a finasteride pill would produce the same results, because propecia is more expensive.


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You are correct in that finasteride is the active ingredient in Propecia. It is also the active ingredient in Proscar, which is 5 mg instead of 1 mg. Hair loss sufferers typically buy Proscar and divide the pill into quarters or even fifths to save some cash each month.


It also sounds like you may be alluding to generic finasteride which can be obtained online. I am weary of generics simply because of the large amounts of fakes that are caught at countries' borders each year. Luckily, I have not heard of fake finasteride being confiscated as of yet. However, there are many other drugs that do so I think it may only be a matter of time.


With Merck brand Proscar available for so cheap from a local pharmacy (~$25) I cannot see the reasoning behind risking it, but if you do please make sure that you go to a reputable online pharmacy that others have had success with. I don't mean to come across as putting these companies down, but I think it is reckless to recommend them without giving a head's up first.


Good luck and let us know how it goes.


(I moved this post to the more appropriate Hair Loss Drugs forum.)





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