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  1. Hey I'm sorry for the late reply. Actually, yes, it seems to have had a positive effect on haircount/thickness. I stopped using rogaine foam shortly after my last post and I haven't used finasteride for years so I guess I can attribute any improvement to vitamins and the dermaroller. My scalp feels much better and as weird as it may seem, scalp laxity has seemingly improved with the roller and occasional laxity exercises. I'm impressed. As for the iGrow...During my research I remember seeing an FDA warning letter that was sent to the makers of the iGrow. If I remember correctly, their product no longer matches the application submitted to get FDA approval because they removed and replaced more than half of the lasers with cheap LED lights (probably to increase their already stratospheric profit margin. Disclaimer...I think all these laser cap makers are scamartists and for me, the makers of the iGrow are the worst offenders.
  2. Wow. That looks great. Congratulations.
  3. Saying they received FDA approval is actually a con-job. The FDA approved that this product (and the laser comb) would NOT cause damage/injury, not that it actually grows hair (look it up). As I mentioned in a recent post, I was pissed off enough that I researched all these silly LLLT helmets and figured out that a person can buy 250 LLLP lasers with a power pack and make the exact same thing as the lasercap for less than $100. This stupid iGrow helmet is adding insult to injury in that they're not even using 100% true laser diodes. They're using a mix of LLLT laser diodes and super cheap LED light. LEDs like you see on consumer electronics. These things cost pennies! Total scam. It's all a scam but iGrow is probably the worst offender. By the way...the laser intensity of the true lasers is exactly the same as those red boardroom laser pointers. This is not rocket science folks. Invest 25-$100 and make your own. You'll have more fun and something funny to show at parties. You want music? Listen to your ipod.\ That said, I recently bought a 1mm dermaroller and have been rolling almost everyday for a month. I don't know if it simply assisting a more rapid absorption of rogaine but it works!!! I see growth and my scalp feels great. Total invested? About $15 on Amazon.
  4. I think so too but the DIY kit would be fun to make and publish. And I'd like to see these quacks who are taking advantage of us get spanked...
  5. Konftec has an interesting page comparing all of these solutions. They guys are obviously engineers not sales/marketing guys...their comparison page contains some good technical info. My take away from all the research is this....the 'Laser cap' for example has 224, relatively low power, commercial grade (5 mW) lasers. These are the 70pc laser set I found on ebay for about $18 USD. That means we could each probably make a DIY laser cap for $18/70*224=$57 plus another estimated $30 for a battery pack and charger (maybe add $20 for a solder gun). Compare this to their $3000 cost!!! Shall we compare? DIY 'laser cap' kit = $87-$100 The "Laser Cap" = $3000 (plus tax?) **outside link removed** I'm not trying to promote or sell Konftec (which also seems stupidly expensive) but here's the URL: **outside link removed**
  6. I always thought that laser therapy was simply quackery... However, I've been conducting research and so many CLAIM it works. I'm nowhere near convinced even now. It also seems to be that the makers of these devices are really making a killing on us. Their high prices really dissuade me from giving them my money to give it a try. That has led me to do some investigation. I see that true lasers of the same wavelength and amperage can be had on ebay for about $60 for 70 lasers. I know that I would easily pop these into a styrofoam dome, hook up a power supply and be able to safely sit under the hideous contraption for probably no more than a $100 total investment (compared to their $3000 cost and probably incredibly high in doctor office 'treatment' cost). I think could make the brush for about $10 (compared to the $400-$800 they seem to cost) It would all be pretty ugly but hell, it's the same exact stuff, same result. To poach and paraphrase, "It's the lasers stupid" I'm putting this out there to get some feedback. Would anyone else be interested in any of these units? Either the standalone or a brush for cheap? If the demand is there, maybe I can get to work... Cheers, J
  7. I'm back. It's been a few years and I'm still trying to fix the scars and bad transplant from my first 2 operations with Chajchir. The expense has been high and amount of work has been absolutely exhausting. Frankly, I wish I had just decided to shave my head and buy gold all those years ago. Having found myself in Argentina again, I decided to check out the cost and now numerous centers of hair transplantation including Alvi Armani's. All costs were about the same and only the 2 main centers offered FUE; Alvi Armani and Medical Hair. There was one more major center called Hair Recovery that wanted a $100 consultancy fee and even though $100 is not much in light of total costs, just the idea that they want me to pay $100 in order to potentially pay them several thousand dollars frankly pissed me off. As I explained to them to no avail that I don't remember Bernstein charging me any consultancy fee and he's the absolute best in the world at this procedure. I know there's alot of Armani haters here as I've just been reading all the posts. Sorry to tell you all but I decided to go with them and had a 1500 graft h/t yesterday. I've had alot of experience with horrible doctors like Chajchir and excellent doctors like Bernstein in NY who did a very small procedure simply to fill in the hellish donor scar created by Chajchir (re: the movie "Saw") and another team of excellent doctors in La Jolla, CA (Carman and Reed) who put 2K grafts into the front after I had to laser off the front 1.5-2.0" of Chajchir's work. Here's the thing...I was and remain deeply impressed by the professionalism, caring, office/facility and just about everything but the horrible soggy lunch sandwich that was provided to me afterwards at Armani's center. The price was reasonable, the hairline was not overly packed and not lowered from what Dr. Carman did. In fact, this was about creating more density in zones 1, 2 to camouflage the larger mini/micro 80's-style plugs done by Chajchir (who also put everything in at a 90 degree angle to my scalp - f*cking idiot) and filling in the previous donor scars. The doctor that performed my FUE procedure there, Dr. Juan Jauregui, was and has been incredibly kind and professional and in fact has insisted that I come back today and tomorrow so that he can personally wash and inspect the implanted hair and donor site. While the technicians were putting the hairs into the sites he had cut, he personally participated in, supervised and directed the work. Considering all the terrible posts about Alvi Armani's work, I have to say that I'm sorry to let you all down but I'm deeply impressed with the caring and professionalism I have been shown at Alvi Armani Buenos Aires. Ok, that's not to say I'm not as freaked out as anyone that the grafts won't thrive...but I think they will. PS. I'm not a shill...I don't even speak Yiddish. Cheers, JH
  8. Well, as a final follow up to my last posting of my "hairstute" journey...I thought I'd follow up to stress the folly of my first 2 hair transplants with Dr. Chajchir. On June 9, 2008 (just 2 days ago), I had a 2000 graft transplant done by Dr. Carman who works with Dr. Reed in La Jolla, CA. Both of these fine gentlemen met with me 3 times over the last year while I saved up my hard earned money for the repair job. Each met with me for at least 1 hour or more to discuss the likely outcome. I'd like to stress that each of these two gentlemen spent this time with me not even knowing if I would in fact go through with the procedure. It's now Wednesday night. The procedure was done Monday over the course of 7 hours. The precision is exact! There is little to no pain in comparison to my h/t with Dr. Chajchir and little to no swelling at all this time!!! My procedure with Dr. Chajchir lasted just 2 hours and the whambam-thank you maam left me terribly scarred and infected with a donor site that remained infected for months and a head of hair right out of a barbie catalog. I cannot stress enough to anyone desiring a hair transplant to do your homework. The money I saved in Argentina was spent many times over in repair costs, grief and personal embarrassment. God Bless. J.
  9. I wanted to write this follow up to my post over a year ago concerning the horrible hair transplant job done on me by Dr. Gustavo Chajchir of Barrancas Medical Center of Buenos Aires, Argentina. As I previously posted, his 2 procedures left me infected and horribly scarred. Repairing his work has cost me thousands of dollars and alot of unnecessary stress. I understand that there are agencies which market his services outside of Argentina. I would advise anyone considering a hair transplant in Argentina to demand the name of the surgeon and then demand another clinic if his name or the name of his clinic come up. About a year ago, I was advised to by New York's Dr. Bernstein (who saw me for free on a Saturday, by the way) to see a dermatologist in order to remove the front inch or so in order to make the hairline more natural. It took awhile and alot of money but 4 laser hair removal sessions and some laser resurfacing later, the result is much better. Still, I will never again be able to comb my hair back. Two weeks ago, Dr. Bernstein performed a smaller transplant to implant hairs into the wide scar on the back of my head. The difference in these two Doctors was phenomenal! The entire experience with Dr. Bernstein was professional and so incredibly well done. It's hard to believe there are doctors like this man. His staff is equally amazing. I was sutured up with metal sutures and back to doing work later that day. There was very little discomfort. He's a great surgeon and a great guy! In contrast, my 2 procedures with Dr. Gustavo Chajchir were monstrous as I stated. Last year, Chajchir issued a letter saying that I was part of some campaign to dissuade North Americans from seeking any type of medical treatment in Argentina. I offered anyone who wanted my email address and photos to come forward and received some letters of support and some incredibly vitriolic hate mail. I have nothing against anyone trying to get work done more cheaply in places like Argentina. I would just caution you to do your homework. Perhaps call your embassy of that country and ask who they would recommend for their own staff or whether there is an approved list. Whatever you do...STAY AWAY FROM DR. CHAJCHIR BECAUSE WHATEVER YOU SAVE IN THE SHORT-TERM WILL ALMOST CERTAINLY COST MUCH, MUCH MORE LATER ON. (AT LEAST IN REGARDS TO TRANSPLANTS) You have been warned. Good luck!
  10. As a public service to other hair loss sufferers considering saving a few dollars by having the procedure done in Buenos Aires I have decided to post this warning against having any procedures done by Dr. Gustavo Chajchir of Buenos Aires, Argentina. I had 2 procedures done by the arrogant Dr. Chajchir with disastrous results. The results of the first operation were simply awful.Chajchir didn't create a natural hairline nor use single focular units but rather used unnatural bunches of 5-10 hairs. Thinking he would feel embarassed and perform a better second operation, I returned (like an idiot) and paid for a second procedure. The results of the second procedure were worse than before. The donor area required several months to heal and at one point became so infected that I had to start taking antibiotics. I recently returned to the USA and went to see a renowned h/t surgeon who told me that the quality of my transplant was very poor, that the reason for the severe donor infection was that the donor area was too low and into the muscle, that the hair line was unnatural and that the procedure was not done with care and medical professionalism. The doctor was able to tell me that my options are now very limited and that I must go for laser therapy to remove a good portion of the front hairline. Please listen to this story and do not have a transplant done by Chajchir. Thank-you for reading this.