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  1. thanks guys, i acrually read mixed reviews about bisanga, but it seems that the two belgium doctors featured on this website have a solid name in performing this operation. I think i'll book a consultation with them cause if i spend the money i want the results! Please if uhave advices or links where i can check their works and stuff like that put in this topic, i'm trying To learn as much as i can. Thanks in advance.
  2. Could u name them? Do u think Europe is more expensive than UK? does anybody know this Harley Street Clinic in London, they advertise themselves as a very well known hair transplant clinic, featured on tv programmes etc etc...
  3. yes i am, i was very surprised as well and if i wanted To wait for london the first available date was in april, after the consulation there is an extra 8 weeks before the operation.
  4. Hi everyone, i' an italian guy living in London and i recently have decided To go for a consultation as my balding recently has got worse. I'm 29 years old, i don't really have a huge problem i can still camoflauge it, but my hairline is reciding and i want To di something now. I know that here in London there aren't great names Who performe the fue a part from the farjo private clinic. I wanted To know what u think about the Harvey Street Hair Clinic, do u reccommend it, Are there good doctors? I booked a free consulation since for the Farjo i have To wait till fenruary the tenth. Do u think this clinic achieves goodcresults and possibly makes u wait less? Is it normal To wait all that time for only a consulation. I wouldn't mind To move in Europe cause obviuosly i want the best for my operation, any advice? Sorry for typing mistakes, but i'm writing from an iPod touch and thanks in advance for your help.