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  1. Thanks guys for all replies. I will post some photos of me soon. and I'll tell you the details of what happened at Dr. Mangubat's clinic today.
  2. Hi Guys, I'm new to this forum, 26 years old and living in Seattle. I'm planning to have a HT in a month or so. (Before I lose the rest of my hair) But till now, I have not chosen a physician and I need your help and feedback on the following doctors in Seattle area: - Dr. Brian O. Goertz - Dr. E. Antonio Mangubat - Dr. Daniel Berg I have seen only Dr. Brian Goertz, he is a nice person. But for me, good personality doesn't always imply good quality in work. He suggested that I take 1,800 grafts for $ 8,200. I don't know if this is a good price or not. I actually have no experience in the HT thing what so ever, but it seems a bit expensive!! And I have another appointment with Dr. Antonio Mangubat and will meet him today. But I'm really confused and don't know if I should also schedule another appointment with the third guy. I know many of you guys would recommend Hasson & Wong in Vancouver. But for me, I can't leave the states and go to Canada for about 1 year from now (Visa Issues). So, Hasson & Wong is out of the scope. Please let me know if any of you guys have any experience with any of the above three physicians, and how was it? I have decided to do the HT before the end of the year, no matter what, because I started feeling really bad about the way my hair is all gone. But at the same time, I would really appreciate your help guys if you assist me in choosing the right doctor. Which one of the three should I go with??