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  1. @Melvin- Moderator This was a reply to him and i have written,yes Eugenix prices are cheap for someone not from India,i never said its costly for me,it has nothing to do with my thread title.
  2. That was a reply to the person who said Eugenix is cheap and not costly and i mentioned for most Indians,for me it is not costly as i already mentioned i am working for a Dubai based company and earning in AED,that question and thread was for me personally but somehow "Eugenix comes into picture always and people come protecting their price,i have no idea why ? So again i did not bring Eugenix pricing into the picture,i am born Indian but not earning an Indian salary so i can afford Eugenix premium package for a transplant or even the top Spanish doctors mentioned here,my answer was for that particular comment who said Eugenix is cheap and not costly,It is cheap for people not earning in INR but very expensive for 98% of Indians,if that makes any sense. You don't have to jump into every comment and thread to try and protect the name of Eugenix every time their name is taken,and should call a spade a spade,Eugenix is brilliant but extremely costly for Indians,i know you are coming for your own transplant here but you are also a moderator for a hair transplant forum and if you keep getting so protective everytime Eugenix's name is taken,it does not sound right to me.
  3. Yes Eugenix prices are really cheap if you compare them to US,but the average salaries of people in US are 10 times that of an Indian working with the same qualification in the same industry,so what feels 2 $ /graft to you due to a stronger currency conversion translates into 20$/graft for an Indian,if you can afford 20$ /graft in the US for a surgery and are getting 5000 grafts,it would translate into 100,000 USD for you,if for you 100,000 USD for a hair transplant is cheap,that is what Eugenix packages translate for Indians. There is a reason there are cheaper clinics in India because that's what 99% of Indian people can afford and those clinics are also operating on profit,no one is doing charity,it's a business and that is the reason 90% of Eugenix clients are from foreign countries,it's cheap for people earning in Euros,dollars or Pounds but not for Indians,had Indian currency been 80 times more powerful that Dollar,i don't think you would say the same thing,so Eugenix is cheaper for you thanks to your stronger currency.
  4. Hello brother,from my knowledge on hair loss,this is what i make out of your condition- Your donor area is above average and a good one,i don't know your age but it's a good donor and should easily be able to cover you up for now without needing beard. you definitely would require around 3000 plus grafts for your frontal area depending on where you wish your hairline and if you want the temples made or not and the kind of density you want in your hairline,but it looks like 3000-3500 grafts should easily cover your hair front hairline and frontal part. your crown is not bald but just thinned out,crown looks much lighter as the hair goes out in multiple directions and it gives a much more illusion of baldness,so if you have never been on finasteride and minoxidil or tried prp,i would not get my crown done now as you still have lots of thinned out hair there and a transplant might damage your existing hair there and the net effect would be not so good,for crown try minoxidil,finasteride and PRP and i think your crown would fill up,if if it does not,you can get crown done later in a few years. Eugenix is a good option if it is in your budget,mumbai branch should be as good as gurgaon one,i don't think the city would affect the doctor or clinic's skills much. There are few other good clinics in India as well which give decent results if Eugenix is out of your budget,I agree Eugenix is good but don't agree no other clinics are good enough,please do a good and thorough research for good doctors and consistent results over a period of 2-3 years in south India,it is hard for me to believe that there are no good hair transplant doctors in entire South India but ofcourse you would have to do alot of research for it,most people on this forum are from outside India and for them Eugenix is not costly for them and giving consistent results so they are opting for it and recommending it but as a fellow Indian i feel if you do your research you will find more local Clinics in Southern India who are also doing a good job but maybe not marketing as well to reach a wider audience and may not have a good international on youtube presence but to save that money if that is so important to you and you can't choose the top 2-3 clinics of India then please do some research for a few months before you choose anyone as hair transplantation is a big decision and once it goes wrong it will be a bigger loss.
  5. Of course they should not charge less just because they are Indians but because their operational costs are 1/10th of other western countries and our currency is valued at 1/80th to 1/90th of dollar,pound or Euro. I earn in UAE Dirhams working for a Dubai based company,you earn in Dollars living and working in US,we can possibly afford such high costs but half of the other world also deserves to get good surgeons and quality,i feel it is morally not right to be focussing on just giving highest quality to clients of a stronger currency as compared to giving 1$ sugeries by junior doctors to Indian people or people of other less fortunate countries. More than 30% of Indians are living under less than 8 USD per day what you have paid per graft,of course you are fortunate to be born and raised in a western country with a currency 80 times more powerful,you can pay this and ask others to pay a good amount or not get a surgery,but had you been living and working in India you would not say that,an average Indian person can either buy a house or get a hair transplant surgery in that much money per graft. I don't expect you to agree with me as you are coming to India and Eugenix to get a procedure done and if i was doing that i would also not say anything against them but their pricing is morally wrong and extremely biased for Indians being Indians themselves and focussing on western clients for extreme 100 times profits as their operational costs are 1/10th of European clinics Again i would say they are amazing doctors but irrationally priced for a country like India because Indians don't earn in USD or Euros and this is discriminatory against people with a weak currency. My best wishes for your upcoming surgery,you have surely chosen a good clinic and package.
  6. Thank you,i highly appreciate your genuine help,i guess i need to do more research,not everything is as rosy as it looks in the hair transplant industry and a thorough analysis might be required
  7. I agree they are all top doctors but not everyone can afford the 5$ package and no matter how good you are i think the rates must be in accordance with the country to some extent. Being an Indian who is travelling a lot to Europe and Dubai working as Cabin crew,the per square feet of rent of office space in India is 1/5th that of most eastern european countries and probably 1/10th of the nordic countries or even US for that matter,there are no minimum wages in India and the starting salary of most MBBS doctors in India is 20-30,000 INR which is around 300-450 USD per month,i bet the technicians working in India in the hair Transplant clinics are not making more than 50,000 INR per month ( 600 USD )and if they do then they are making what most graduate doctors make after 5 years of experience. So the salaries are 1/10th of Europe,the rent is 1/10th of Europe,the cost of electricity and all other charges or hotels are 1/5th of Europe or US,then why with skills similar to the top European doctors mentioned above are they charging as much or even more than Europe? With all due respect to their skills and expertise,they must charge but not such extreme super normal profits. Trust me if if they are charging the same as top European doctors mentioned here,their turnover and profits are nearly 5-10 times of those doctors or clinics given that all of them manage to perform the same number of surgeries. I totally respect your decision to travel to India as i feel Eugenix is a good clinic but i don't agree with their cost.
  8. Thank you so much my dear friend,yes i shall do a little more research on him and try to get an online consultation.
  9. If i was personally paying 5 USD i would close my eyes and choose either Couto or Freitas but maybe he has his own reasons or in his particular case maybe he is going for a lot of beard to scalp transplant in which Eugenix seem to be doing well
  10. @JC71 I saw many videos of Dr Freitas and i feel his work is quite outstanding too. This might be a tough question but if i choose between Eugenix (Premium package) which is near Noida(Delhi) my hometown, or Freitas where i could get a free ticket to travel,which one should i choose? Prices are almost the same for both these i guess.
  11. Thank you @JC712 years waiting list is a huge put off for me,i shall have a closer look at Dr Freitas.
  12. I was watching a few videos of all the doctors mentioned here - Dr Freitas, Ferreira, Pinto, Villa ,Bisanga , Bansal and Couto. I felt all are quite good and similar but still i have to say Dr Juan Couto has to standout for me and his results are so natural and amazing as if he is a magician with hairlines,why he is not being mentioned or recommended more here??
  13. My hair loss is very subtle and very slight loss but i work as cabin crew with flydubai and our looks really matter. I have been to Dubai to Istanbul many times and seen lots of bandaged European dudes there and the airport is full of bandaged men,so i felt maybe Istanbul was a good place since i don't need to pay for a ticket or otherwise my home country India and i asked for any country in the world as we get free tickets every year to travel and i can travel mostly anywhere in the world to get it done as long as i don't need to pay more than 5 USD/graft.
  14. I agree with you on less doctor involvement but i guess Implantation is not as important or skillful job as slit making is,hair after shedding is going to come out in the angle of the slit that was created,i may be wrong but that is what my knowledge is..
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