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  1. I reached out to Dr. Cuoto via email a few days ago and got this reply: Unfortunately, due to this whole COVID situation, we are long overdue and have decided to close all kinds of inquiries until we can catch up. Sorry for the inconvenience. Even prior to that people said his wait time for a consultation was months away and he was booked for years in advance for surgeries.
  2. I emailed HLC and the other clinics. I also sent them photos. HLC was very quick to reply and said I would need 2400-2800 grafts. 2.7 euro per graft or if I come on a day they select they will charge 2.5 euro per graft. Edit: Deleted some stuff after I read email from HLC again. I'm still waiting to hear from Dr. Nader and Dr. De Freitas. I will say that the consultation form on Dr. Nader's website is very thorough. They ask you for your medical history, if you are prone to keloid scarring, what medications you're taking, what your goal is with the transplant, when you started noticing your hair loss, if you exercise, smoke, and more. That's a good sign to me. His reviews are also great but he doesn't have many compared to HLC and Dr. De Freitas.
  3. Thanks for the info everyone. If I need to I can pay more but I do not want to get into the $7k+ territory. I'm going to send photos of my hair to HLC, Nader Medical, and Clínica de Freitas one of these days. I'll post an update after I hear back from them.
  4. I've decided I can't take it anymore and I want to get an FUE hair transplant. I've narrowed it down to a few clinics and need help choosing the best one. I'm 28 and a Norwood II-III. I live in Florida and I don't want to spend more than $5,000USD for the transplant. I only want doctors performing the transplant and I'm looking for the most natural looking hairline. I'm leaning toward a Spanish doctor since I speak fluent Spanish but I don't know if I can afford one. In no particular order: HLC Hairline Clinic - Turkey Nader Medical, Dr. Luis Nader - México Clínica de Freitas, Dr. De Freitas - Spain FUExpert, Dr. Juan Couto - Spain I know Dr. Couto has extremely high demand and has a 1 year+ waiting list. He's also expensive from what I've read. More wishful thinking on my part but I thought I'd list him anyway. I feel like I'm forgetting one other Spanish doctor but I can't for the life of me remember who. Is $5,000 for 2-3k grafts just wishful thinking on my part when it comes to prices in Spain? I don't know how many I would need I'm just assuming around that many from the Norwood scale. If any of you have been to one of these clinics please share your experience.
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