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  1. Not at all. I have been using it for over a year and it’s the best I ever used. Is makes your hair feel thicker and amazing concealer.
  2. See you next week Dr. Bicer can’t wait to also share my results with this awesome forum.
  3. What was your aftercare. First wash at home. How did you apply the lotion and shampoo? Wonder what the after care from Bicer is like.
  4. Thank you! Yeh nervous about the trip back and first few days. The critical first 10. I am sure before I leave they will prep and provide the needed steps.
  5. Awesome result. I have it with Dr. Bicer in 12 days. thanks for sharing.
  6. They evaluated 2500. I think it’s low. Most evaluated about 3500. I think once I get there in person she will have a better idea. have to fill the crown and front.
  7. Two weeks from today I will be having my transplant with Dr. Bicer. Getting nervous but can’t wait to get it done.
  8. Yes they require a proof of a covid test within 72 hours of arriving and to fill out a health form.
  9. Oh wow didn’t know that UK still had travel restrictions. I am in USA.
  10. Dr. Bicer also says no water or spray first three days. So every doc has a different protocol. Best of luck in your final journey.
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