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  1. That's interesting ya after reading through threads and asking around it seems that Dr. Hasson always recommends FUE but Dr Wong is still doing a lot of FUT and still recommends it I guess i started questioning something when Dr. Hasson is mentioned so often and Dr. Wong is rarely mentioned as far as results
  2. Ya I noticed that as well im not sure if that is a cause for concern for anyone contemplating going with wong becuase he used to be well documented but maybe it is his age after all... I also heard that Dr Hasson does only fue too but even then it dosent explain the big drop off for Dr Wong if it is because of that
  3. I see but that would really be the reason why there is barely any Dr Wong threads recently? Is there anyone who maybe has more information or closer to the clinic that can chime in ?
  4. ive been a long time lurker and noticed that Dr Hasson and Dr WOng seem to be the top guys. I also noticed there arent as many Dr. Wong threads in recent times compared to Hasson. Is this an indication that Dr. Wong is not doing as many transplants? I know he is in his 70s could it be his age? I don't mean any disrespect obviously just wondering incase there is more information. thanx
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