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  1. So are your erections back to normal since stopping, you said your sides went away fast after stopping the drug ?
  2. This is honestly a brilliant idea, I think if sides continue I’ll slowly get off the drug. Wait for all the sides to go away and go back to normal. I’ll have to give this method a go. Just hoping that if I continue the drug maybe the sides will go away as my body gets used to it.
  3. Yeah I think I’ll start doing every other day and see what happens. I got it off Roman, I’m not under any doctor supervision.
  4. Can you give me the compounds you are experimenting with to reduce scalp DHT?
  5. Any improvements with the sides after being off it ? I doubt they are permanent but I think it takes time for your levels to go back to normal, while on it you saw no improvements with erections right?
  6. When you say you quit cold turkey. Is it because you need to ease off the drug or you wanted to wait longer to see if continuance of the drug would stop side effects? Have you heard of anyone with luck with this method? I’m only taking .25mg every day right now. I assume you were on 1 mg a day?
  7. Awesome to hear that, how long were you on the drug and what was your dosage? Any reason you hopped off? I’m about to hit 2 months, don’t see an improvement in erections yet. Its better on some days then others. I can understand the sperm volume part but weaker erections suck. Also how much better do you feel since being off it, almost at 100?, I highly doubt the sides are permanent. I’m just hoping my sides go away with continuance of the drug.
  8. Hey, I’m taking .25 mg every day. I’ve also had some mild sides. My erections are weaker, I feel like I don’t get fully hard. I don’t get morning wood anymore since starting the drug. My sleep volume is also lower, some days are better then others for my erections. Have you seen any improvement ? I’m 2 months in and I don’t want to quit. Do you have any sources stating continuance of the drug will eliminate the sides ?
  9. I’m 23 years old, I’m here to tell you about my hair loss journey. I started thinning around 18-19 years old. I hopped on minoxidil when I was 20 that worked for a while until it didn’t. Just recently I tried topical fin, but it became to hard to maintain a routine, and my thinning was diffuse so I had to apply the medication on my whole scalp, which became a pain. So I decided to start oral fin again, the first time I did, I had side side effects. This time I had a clear head and started at .25 mg every day. I started around February 17. Almost hitting the two month mark. The first two weeks
  10. Sounds good, I will give it a go. I am going to post some pictures as the time goes by. I am only hoping for some thicker hair.
  11. Okay thanks for the response, what have you noticed improvement wise? If you have some pictures, do you mind posting down the line. I also made a post. I will be posting my results. I am applying .25 ml at night every day.
  12. Hey, I just started using topical finasteride. I am using .25 mg per night. I was wondering if you had any luck ? Did the side effects go away and have you started seeing results ? I will update with my results soon.
  13. Hey, I was wondering how the process is going so far, have you started a higher dosage or frequency. Any results or sides ??
  14. What will be the frequency you will be using to apply topical fin?
  15. Hello everyone, I just received my minoxidilmax essengen-6 plus package in the mail. I also ordered pg free solvent. This allows me to dilute the topical fin, which originally comes in .05% fin(.5 mg of regular fin) I am applying .025% fin(.25 mg of regular fin) in my hair twice a week as of now. I will gradually increase my dosage and application frequency every two weeks. I will post results on this thread as time goes along. I am really interested to see if this works for me. Also has anyone had any significant results from using topical finasteride. I would really like to hear your
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