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  1. It makes it difficult because I need someone to administer alprolix IV. Alot of surgeons might not be comfortable with it.
  2. Hasson & Wong, Dr Paul Rose and others rejected me for a hair transplant due to my factor 9 deficiency. I need a comprehensive list of hair transplant surgeons that can handle a factor 9 deficiency and design a good frontal hairline at the same time. Answers appreciated. No peptalks about my attitude, just surgeon answers. Thankyou,
  3. Anyway, dr Hasson and Wong seem like a good option I liked their before and afters. They also have travel bundles. But are there any other surgeons in that league that are in the U.S. because Canada isn’t allowing tourism now.
  4. Well Dr Paul Rose agreed to the widows peak hairline that I drew same with Dr. Konior. Neither felt that I was unreasonable. Otherwise they wouldn’t have agreed.
  5. 1) the hairline I drew is what it used to be and makes my upper third proportional to equal in length to my midface (glabella to subnasale), and to my lower third(subnasale to menton) 2) Factor 9 deficiency is just a bloodclotting disorder. (My hematologist nor did Dr.Paul Rose say it would affect the actual growth of my hair. 3) That's why I'm trying to find the best surgeon possible with the soonest availability.
  6. But any higher than what I drew and my forehead will look disproportionately big. Also nobody in my family progressed passed a stage 3. So do you know any surgeons who specialize in recreating hairlines with the perfect angles, hair directions and density?
  7. My temples obviously can’t be filled in completely because the hair density is different. But the hairline still needs to be in harmony with the rest of my face.
  8. Dr konior sounded promising and said he could give me density with the line I drew. But I don’t wanna wait until 2022 to get my hair transplant.
  9. Well I spoke to dr Paul Rose and he was willing to give me the hairline I drew. But unfortunately I have a factor 9 deficiency and now he isn’t comfortable carrying on with the procedure. So now I need to find another surgeon but I’m frustrated because I don’t know who to choose.
  10. But I said I will get more hair transplants as needed. Also how is family hairloss a bad indicator of what my hairloss will be?
  11. I'm thinking about now though. Besides, my grandfather had a full head of hair up until the age of 70 and he looked amazing. Also, I'm pretty sure that I won't go completely bald and that it would progress to stage 3 nw max (judging by my relatives). The lines that I drew were what they used to be also I have a small face. Also I would be willing to do as many surgeries as needed to keep my hair. So which surgeons are best for designing hairlines (its more aesthetically complex than being conservative) so I need a specialized one I guess.
  12. I’m 29 years old and my uncles had hairloss similar to mine. But now they are only slightly more bald. So I most likely won’t bald past a stage 3. Also I’ve been balding since age 23. Minoxidil wrecks my skin. The igrow is a scam. Finasteride will mess with my hormones. Hair transplant is the only solutions. But anyway, which ones do you recommend for my case (hairline lowering)
  13. Who is the best surgeon that will be able to reconstruct my hairline to close to that of a teenager? Also, the surgeon needs to have availability before the summer of 2021. (Dr Konior is available in 2022).
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