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  1. I have to agree. With the reviews Cinik receives it's disappointing. The results are very bulky and it there is no thought to the placements and angulation. The clinic makes enough money, if they have trouble with my hair type, be open and honest. I didn't want a result I simply live with, but like everyone else happy with.
  2. Hi 1978matt, Melvin, Is there a way to correct this? I fully agree that the implantation does not look well coordinated now the front of my head looks like you say bulky and not in line with the rest of my hair. Is there even a possibility to fix this? I've tried to ask for support from the doctor through the coordinator, but might be waiting a while.
  3. Hi Melvin, Yes I have. I've stated my issue with the results and they basically said its due to the hair quality at the back being better than the top. I cannot fathom that as an answer. But the person giving the advise is essentially an appointment coordinator. I pushed it and he said he'll get the medic team to look into it. Problem is, it's done now. From the gaps, to angulation of placement and generally placement in general has me looking like this was simply a botched job. And to talk about DHI/FUE is simply a marketing gimmick that has worked in my case. If you look close up
  4. To update, I was told I had about 2000 grafts. The hairline no issue, my gripe is that I cannot wear my hair short as it looks completely unnatural. Updated pics on the day or surgery.
  5. I decided to undergo a hairline restoration HT with Dr Cink. To say I am frustrated and disappointed is an understatement. The front looks completely unnatural, has gaps and my hair is pretty much destroyed. I am mixed race with curly hair and am 9 months into the procedure using the supposed DHI method. I consider this a botched job. I know there are a lot of positives reviews on Cinik and I'd like to be one of them, unfortunately I am not and I have a very dodgy looking HT to live live. But the reason for my post is because I'd like your feedback please. Is this just what it is or should
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