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  1. Thank you for your reply. I agree, the fact that new grafts will never be native density does scare me. I am really hoping i won't get a poor job though since I'll likely be considering top surgeons.. but you never know. I am leaning towards slowly titrating down to once nightly dosing of minoxidil. twice daily is incredibly time consuming and not really sure how much it does for me.
  2. Thanks for clarifying for me, I'm not sure why I receive two-worded comments from none other than the moderator on this forum. I think it would be better if he just didn't reply at all. Yes, that's my thought process. I am unsure how bad the shed will be. Do you think 3 months is enough time for my shedding to stabilize before surgery? and yes, of course I am planning to have surgery in about 11 months.
  3. Is there any further explanation of why you recommend this? If I have applied minoxidil only to the areas that I will receive grafts in (which is true), what would be the point of continuing (other than maybe having more density in those specific areas since I will have the minox-dependent native hairs. It almost seems wiser to me to quit minoxidil, see its shedding effects, and get grafts placed in those locations. Conversely, if I were to continue minoxidil and perhaps quit AFTER the HT, them I will have holes where grafts COULD have been placed. Melvin
  4. Exactly. The areas that I am most concerned about are my hairline, the only place I apply minox to. So i'm torn..In an ideal world, I would rather just place grafts and let fin do its thing..I don't mind taking a pill daily. I'm 28, and started with minoxidil first. I've only been on finasteride for about 5 weeks now so excited to see what it will do for me.
  5. It's damn near impossible to see how well minoxidil is doing for me. I really want to stop stressing about my hair and adding minoxidil twice daily definitely does that to me. I would like density, though.
  6. did you see my attempt at the rationale above? I understand it may be a confusing one, but I want to quit minox so that the dependent hairs may fall out and I can place grafts where they are instead. I am trying to gain knowledge and opinions on the matter to hear what may happen with my density though. I may just go down to nightly minoxidil instead.
  7. Hi everyone, i've decided that a HT is for me. I am a NW2 mostly at the front hairline with some mild diffuse thinning. Currently titrating up on fin 1mg MWFS to daily. I was originally planning to quit minoxidil 3 months before transplant, to let the minox hairs fall out so that the surgeon can place more grafts where is needed. Has anyone else been in this dilemma? I haven't heard of this topic too much and wanted some opinions. I despise putting on minoxidil and the way it makes my hairline wispy. However, I am uncertain how much hairfall I w
  8. I may give 0.5mg MWF finasteride a go. Do you think I need to go and get my blood checked before, or when it has hit steady state? I will get a hair transplant regardless by next September..even if it buys me 5-10 years of happiness I consider it worth.
  9. Thank you for your words. I agree there isn’t a strong link. What would you have me do at this point? My side effect from fin i’m afraid of is gyno. I have already had gynecomastia surgery (not steroid related) and i do not want that to go away. After so much research it doesn’t seem like it would go away even after another gyno surgery, and it is indeed a permanent side effect that does not go away after stopping fin.
  10. Agreed. But what if I have virtually no hair loss outside of my minoxidil areas? That is the case with me. it is localized treatment and I'm fine everywhere else.
  11. I tried finasteride but had side effects. So is it a consensus on these forums that hair transplant without finasteride is bad? I'm confused as to why someone that reacts adversely to finasteride has opted for hair transplant then. I dislike how minoxidil makes my hair wispy and crackily and am looking for a permanent solution without the use of prescription drugs. If I could use finasteride properly I wouldn't consider a hair transplant.
  12. So I have a reason to believe my hair loss over the past 4-5 years was chronic stress related as hair loss is not really existent in my family line. I want to schedule a transplant in September 2021, and I have been using minoxidil twice daily for 4 years now. I want to quit minoxidil for good before the transplant, and forever afterwards. I want to quit early enough so that when I go on my surgery date, my hair is at its' natural state and minoxidil has no effect on where they will place grafts. If anyone has experienced this or if any surgeon can give me an estimate on
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