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  1. @Portugal25 thanks a lot for your answer. I will try to contact dr. Demirsoy👍
  2. @Egy yeah thats so true. I have written to Portugal25 to hear him about👍
  3. @JohnAC71 and @Egy thanks A lot for your inputs. I will write to the clinic about how much Doctor Vayni will be involved in my surgery right away. and will also ask them if they can send me real pictures of people who have done transplantation with them. I have been recommended to have my hair transplant done at Hair Palace in Hungary. Have you heard of them?
  4. Hey Egy! Hej Egy! firstly many thanks for your mail. yes I have asked directly by email who will operate on me and have received an email return stating that it is dr. Gokhan Vayni who has to do it on me. think they seemed very professional and organized but that's just my gut feeling and nothing else.
  5. Hey! I have booked a trip to the vera clinic in Istanbul and want to hear if anyone has experience with hair transplantation there?
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