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  1. What do you mean hopefully it’s just dry blood? Do you think the grafts haven’t taken on that side? One side has a lot more blood than the other but I’d like to think the grafts are there.. can you please explain what you mean alittle further? Cheers
  2. Hi Gatsby, that would be great. It wasnt doctor M. I will private message you and give you a call. Cheers mate.
  3. Okay no problem. Do you think the transplant will make it look like I had more hair than before in the previous photos?
  4. Okay. It was an expensive surgery as it was and I don't want to start saving for another surgery after the first, I feel like that was the point of the first surgery haha. I feel so stupid now but I can't change the past. Is there any chance you have an instagram or whatsapp so I can talk to you over the phone? I would really appreciate it as its a very stressful time for me.
  5. This is the area before when it was grown out. The doctor told me he does 500 grafts a day. He does it all manually by hand. I don't know if thats why it took longer but thats what happened. I just feel I have been left in the dark and I am quite concerned as you can imagine. Do you have any suggestions on what I can do? Thanks
  6. Hi Guys, I have recently had a hair transplant in Australia. I had the operation about 48 hours ago and I have been told by my doctor to not wash or remove any blood from the donor or transplanted area until Tuesday which is about 5-6 days after surgery. He told me to keep the blood on the scalp as it will help the area heal. I have not been given any spray to keep the transplanted area wet which is what I see most clinics do. The doctor transplanted my hair using the FUE technique and did it all manually by hand. He did 500 grafts per day and I got 1500 grafts over a 3 day period. I am
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