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  1. Thanks very much! I really appreciate your input and encouragement.
  2. Thank you very much, Melvin! Any other input regarding anything above, from anyone, much appreciated.
  3. Thanks. I appreciate you posting this. It never entered my mind that a doctor or clinic might excel in one method and not the other. If I understand it correctly the only difference in the two methods is the way donor hair is extracted, correct? Can you suggest any other, perhaps better at FUE, doctors in Western Canada or Seattle?
  4. Hi all. New here. Just wondering if this all sounds right & makes sense in light of the considerable experience represented on this board. I'm 50 and very fortunate, as I still look a lot more like an successful "after" pic, or a surfer dude. The thinning is diffuse, and the longer hair helps the look without having to style it a certain way, but it's getting noticeable to anyone who knows what the signs are. The past 5-6 years it's been seasonal seasonal, starting in late summer with no loss over the winter, but getting worse by the year over a longer period, and by this past winter it's been mild year round but now the summer shedding is very bad. Feels like I'm leaving a trail of hair as I go, and I am. I've done what you're supposed to do with Dutasteride, Minoxidil, the proven shampoos, red light, and it's gotten me this far. About a year ago I consulted with a top surgeon who in previous years practically laughed me away but last year finally said there was thinning on top he could fill in. He seemed to think that given how I look there's no rush, but I'm not a fan of doing something like this if it's obvious it was done. No slight meant on men who didn't or couldn't get restoration until they were obviously balding, just saying that for me if it got to that point I'd just rather shave it than show up one day with very noticeably more hair. I'm now thinking seriously of getting an FUE procedure done, and I'm near a top clinic - Hasson & Wong in Vancouver Canada. Travel restrictions aside, I could go anywhere if there's a compelling reason to do so. I expect I'll still have years of shedding of the original hair so need to go back again 2-3 times in the future. Sound about right? Am I missing anything? Any input appreciated, with sincere thanks.