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  1. Here's a pic. I assumed that it's too far gone for any medications and the size of the area would make a transplant hugely expensive.
  2. I live in London but am new to all this so would appreciate any recommendations. I'd prefer to go along somewhere to get something fitted and styled rather than just buying something online. I've been bald up top for a few years now so have no idea what might suit me these days so going along for a consultation would definitely be a good option.
  3. I live in the UK and am in my mid-40s. Hair loss runs in the family and I'm showing the same pattern baldness as my father and grandfather - totally bald up top with normal growth around the sides and back. The monk look I call it. It's been as it is for a few years now so I guess that's how it's going to stay. I can't say it totally played on my mind for a number of years but recently I've been finding it hard to look at myself in a mirror, especially with a few signs of ageing around the face. I think there's probably a bit of thinking about the big five-zero looming too and feeling pretty rubbish about things. What definitely hasn't helped is working from home during the lockdown and having lots of long video conferences. There's nothing like staring at yourself for hours each day to make you feel even worse. I'm only just dipping my toe in the water in terms of options at the moment but have seen enough to realise that a hair transplant is going to be out of my reach financially. It's also too far gone for any magic shampoos etc to work. Therefore I guess my only option is to think of a hairpiece. I've always had a bit of a downer on the idea based on the fact that my dad briefly tried a really cheap and nasty one back in the 70s. It actually ended up being torn apart by the family dog when he left it lying on the chair one day. Must have thought it was some weird creature invading the house or something. Anyway my main questions are:1, Can you get something these days that isn't going to have people automatically pointing and crying 'wig!' ?2, Is there a rough minimum financial commitment you should have in mind to get something of good quality?3, How long does a good quality wig last for? I've seen some suggestions that they need to be replaced every few months. That would be a hefty long term financial commitment. Thanks everyone