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  1. What are the bad sides of electrolysis? I think I will shave in time. I’m just planning for the future. Thanks for your response.
  2. Hi all Did you have or know anyone who used electrolysis to remove any unwanted hair? I had a hair transplant a few years ago and even though i was happy with it, I’ve had to stop taking medication. This has meant my hair loss has continued and hair behind the transplanted hairline has receded more. I'm in a pretty low place right now and am looking into electrolysis to kill any grafts that have been placed too far down my hairline. Im not interested in a repair work as I don’t want any more scarring especially on the front of my head. any help would be highly appreciated. 1900 grafts FUE
  3. Did you say you looked in to electrolysis to get rid of the transplanted hairs? I’m thinking of just doing that, cutting my losses. But I do not know if it leaves any marks?? I can’t seem to find a case anywhere about this.
  4. I had 1900 grafts in 2 separate sessions. I’m 35 now and I had to stop taking finisteride as it was causing me problems. I’ve since thinned more behind the transplanted area so I’d just like to remove the transplanted grafts and maybe embrace the shaved look.
  5. To just shave and not reverse it you mean?
  6. I’ve had a hair transplant (hairline and temples). My issue is I am thinning behind the hair transplant so I want to remove the transplanted hair and embrace the shaved down look.
  7. I’m going through something similar, so I’ll keep an eye on your post if you don’t mind letting us know what you went for. Im thinking electrolysis myself. Just not sure if it scars at all. How many grafts did you have with your FUE may I ask?
  8. Hi all I want to see if there are any of you out there that share a story similar to mine. I’ve had an FUE hair transplant 4 years ago. I was really happy with it but I can no longer take finisteride. I stopped taking the miracle drug about a year after my surgery and my hair has continued on its natural course of being a little thin up top. I also cannot take rogain. my question is: what options have worked well for you if you decided to remove your transplanted hair? A surgical procedure to relocate the transplanted hairs may cause shock loss so I’m not sure if I’ll need to jump back on the medication to stabilise any potential shock loss if this method worked for you. im open to electrolysis. Did anyone use this method? Did it leave any scarring? Again, I don’t regret the surgery, it’s just unfortunate I cannot take the pill any more (personal reasons). I appreciate any help.
  9. If I were to reduce the dosage of fin, what would be a safe yet effective amount?
  10. I know that on average we lose 100 hairs per day. I will keep an eye on it but it’s when I comb I see up to thirty or more. This is only from a few brushes. I might be paranoid about that but it’s not pleasant.
  11. Thanks all. I really appreciate your notes and advice.
  12. unfortunately medication gave me side effects so I cannot take them. i have noticed hair growth so that is not a problem. It’s the shedding that I was concerned about. Is that normal?
  13. Hi all i had a hair transplant in February. About 1000 grafts. i am now 7 months in and have noticed increased hair shedding. Not sure if it’s native or transplanted. I wanted to see if anyone has experienced something similar? How long can shedding last post surgery? thanks in advance.
  14. Thanks for the info all. I’ve had work done before with Dr. Peter Williams in the UK but I’ve not seen many people talking about his work here for some reason. Had 1900 grafts. Looking for a touch up mid scalp maybe 1000 grafts
  15. Hi All I’m doing a bit of research looking for any highly recommended FUE surgeons in Europe? I am based in the UK. From what I’ve read, Hasson and Wong Is one of the best in the business but am wondering if there is anybody in Europe on par with these guys?
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