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  1. I don’t want to write off the sun exposure possibility, though I don’t spend more than a few minutes directly under the sun on a daily basis. I do use sunscreen but not on the scalp so this could be possible. As a young teenager I did suffer from slight white patches on the cheeks from extended sun exposure (they’re called sunspots but the white kind, I forget the scientific name). It took months but they did go away. im going to buy an anti dandruff iron comb to get the gunk out of my hair every other day and hopefully aid in minoxidil absorption. I’m going to forego the derma rollers in
  2. Hi & thanks for your response. I suppose it may be fungal although I have no idea how that may have came to be. I just bought Nizoral and will actually just be using it for the first time shortly. I don't have any other white or dark patches elsewhere. This is srictly on my scalp for some reason. Im guessing it may either be from minoxidil residue staying on my head, or because I use the dermaroller without really cleaning it thoroughly with alcohol before and after use. I just usually run boiling water over it for a bit. I will say though that I have a spot or two of fla
  3. Hi guys! So I’ve been losing hair for probably 2-3 years now albeit very slowly. Unfortunately I didn’t decide to do anything about it until a few months ago. I use minoxidil and derma roller. I’m consistent with the minoxidil but derma roller I’m kind of on and off. Ive been on minoxidil for about 3 months now. I usually cut my hair with a 1 (3mm) or 2 (6mm) clip, and today I decided to buzz my head without a guard (0). I immediately notice these whiter spots/areas on my scalp. Apologies for the quality of the pics, but I’m sure they’re apparent enough to notice. I say lines becaus
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