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  1. I haven't used the shower head yet. Even when I used my fingers, I was still pouring water with a cup and using baby shampoo. I think I'll play it safe and wait until day 7 unless I hear back from my doctor before then.
  2. I am four-days post-op from 2500 grafts in my crown and 650 grafts along my hairline via FUT. Today was my first shower where I lightly rubbed the grafts to start working on getting the crusts/scabs off per my doctor's instructions. Just curious how it looks so far. I didn't really notice anything come off in the shower, but I did notice one or two spots that looked bright red afterwards, you can see one of the spots in three of the four photos that I posted. How does it look overall? Anything to be concerned about? Thanks!
  3. This seems like it is probably something that I should just try to ignore, but is there anything I can do to stop recipient site itchiness 2-days post-op? I've been super careful not to touch it, but if this itching doesn't stop, I fear I may accidentally/instinctively scratch my scalp.
  4. Thanks for the replies, I read them all before my procedure. I got just over 3100 grafts. I don't know what was worse, the needles or the sound of the donor strip being removed.
  5. I'll be undergoing FUT tomorrow to address my crown and hopefully fill in my hairline a bit. I've done a pretty thorough read through of all the materials posted on various physicians' websites. I'm just wondering if there's anything that I should expect or that would be useful to know that isn't always obvious or explained beforehand. Thanks!
  6. I know that, in all likelihood, I'll have to have my recipient site shaved, and I know that my doctor has a strong preference for that too. I had my consultation via email, so there are still some things to be discussed the morning of my procedure when the doctor actually sees me in person, and I'd like to have realistic expectations when that happens. Even if it's not what I wanted to hear, I do appreciate all the replies!
  7. The doctor's website actually recommends against coming in with a short haircut on the day of the procedure. They say a longer haircut will give a better idea of how to place the grafts. In response to Melvin, of course I'd like the best outcome possible, and for that reason I am willing to have them shave the recipient area. I do have some work obligations about 2.5 weeks after the FUT, and I'll wear a hat if I must. Unfortunately, my work obligation is unavoidable but, otherwise, there will never be a better time for me to do this. Hopefully, any follow-up procedure will be smaller in s
  8. Thanks for the replies. I already scheduled an FUT procedure with a doctor, but I didn't ask about shaving the recipient site. Ultimately, even if he says I have to shave the recipient site, I am still going to go through with the procedure. That said, I'd love to hear from more people who were able to have FUT done without shaving the recipient site. To me, it looks like there are two options if shaving the recipient area is necessary. Either have an old-man haircut after surgery or buzz your whole head after surgery so that the recipient site won't stand out too much, but then the donor
  9. I understand, that makes sense. Perhaps this question is best suited for my doctor, but if I would like the doctor to work around my existing hair, I presume that would be easier with a shorter haircut? My dilemma is this, I haven't cut my hair since probably February because barber shops are closed here. So, my hair is longer than I normally wear it and pretty unkempt. With it being so long, shaving my thinning crown for the procedure would be particularly ugly given the length of my surrounding hair. I am aware that I shouldn't cut my hair super short before the procedure, but are there
  10. I've read on a few reputable hair surgeons' websites that a hair transplant can be performed without shaving the recipient area. However, I've never seen an FUT post-op photo where the patient didn't have his recipient area shaved. Is it possible to undergo FUT without shaving the recipient area? Specifically, I'm concerned with the crown.
  11. I just scheduled an FUT procedure that is estimate for about 2500–3000 grafts in my crown, with any extra going to the corners of my hairline. About 18 days after the procedure, I will be traveling out-of-state for two weeks for work—I will be interacting with clients. Aside from this obligation, I am working from home. This isn't really a large consideration in my decision to undergo FUT, but I am wondering what I can expect 18 days post-op. From what I've read, shaving the recipient area is not necessary for FUT. So will there be any visible redness in my crown at 18 days? If there are enoug
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