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  1. Yes, they told me this from start. I will wait until 1 year to see how this will be, now is not bad but also not so good, let say medium. I do not want to open a thread to post photos, is my privacy, sorry for writing on your topic.
  2. Me at 7 months not so good, operated by hlc in 29-30 octomber. Sincerly not happy, also my donor is overharvested by them. You looks good.
  3. If I been in your case I will contact hlc to make a free operation to improve the density to make a repair. You had implanted about 4000 gratfs the density at 2-3 weeks was good but what i see the survival after 1 year of grow was not so good but also not so bad. I do not know why, because you are also on finasteride, if you look on youtube at injertocapilar , dr Rafael de freitas, dr juato couto what results they have with 4000 gratfs is incredible , this means that they have a great survival rate for implanted grafts and HLC Ankara had poor survival rate maybe about 60-65% in your case, which is not good for a clinic that charge 2.5- 2,7 euro per gratfs in turkey, for turkey this is a incredible amount of money. When you pay 10.000 euro for a hair transplant with 4000 gratfs you have high expectation , naturales ,good extraction patern, good survival rate, this is very important. When this requirements are not made , why to pay more when other people had this results paying 2000 euro for the same transplant.
  4. I think i will open soon one. You have very good youtube videos.
  5. I had the operation made at hlc ankara in octomber, very poor aftercare, they almost do not answer at nothing, , now I have 5 months and hope for more grow, until now the result is poor.
  6. Namsak try to use rogaine foam for styling. This foam have also minoxidil 5% and is good for your hair. With this on hair the hair will be dry and the density will be better, i also use it and my hair looks better. Is better then other liquid or gel that make the hair more greasy.
  7. Hi, i had my second operation at hlc in october, first one in other clinic with poor result. I am on 4 months mark, until now the result are so and so, i will see in the incoming months how will be. From my opinion you have some grows but not for the money you have been paid, i do not know if the surgeons made something wrong or is a problem from your hair, practically i am in the same situation now. Is good that you have still have donor left, mine is finished... Like i said i understand you very well because i am the same situation, I had poor grow from first transplant and until now the second from hlc are not to much grow.... But I will see in the next 2-3 months...
  8. Try to wash the hair normal, not to soft, in this case some hairs that should need to fall will fall. But if the shedding will not come even better, in some cases the shedding is minimal. I had also in 29 octomber operation at hlc 3200 grafts my doctors were dr umut and dr elif. Now at 3 weeks few hairs fall will see in future how will be.
  9. You should be very happy. You have a very good results, very good donor, i do not understand the other concerns. Not all of us have a good results and are so lucky like you. On this days the bad results are more ofen then a good one and also at good clinics or supossed to be good.
  10. I had the procedure also at hlc ankara almost 1 week and half ago. I had 3200 grafts in 2 days. At me worked dr Elif and dr Umut. Dr Umut extracted also grafts from beard. Now will see in 6-7 how the result will be.
  11. I also was on choosing dr Bruno Fereira, and hlc ankara, finally i booked on hlc ankara.Dr bruno is very professional I liked very much his answers, i think it is a very good doctor but told me to take finasteride and i take it, and after 2 months I had all the bad side effects, i will not take this drug never again. I told him that i stopped the drug and finnaly did not agree to operate me because my donor is somehow damage after first hair implant , (a fail implant made by dr Felix Popescu in Romania), but still i recomand it dr Bruno, very profesional answers. I choosed hlc because they did not tell me to take finasteride and they have a good experience with beard grafts, which I need. If I had a very good donor I will choose dr bruno ferreira, but is not my case. Hope I helped you. Thank you!
  12. Hi, I watched all your yt video , very nice. I also contacted dr Bruno Fereira to repair me after first hair implant which was a fail. He answer me also very nice on email and explain me everything and told me the plan that I need. I need about 3000-3500 grafts. Hope this corona pandemi will disappear faster to schedule the implant with dr Bruno. At 4 months i think is a good result for you.
  13. He made for colectiv people implants only for publicity, he base a lot on publicity, this is why i was also fooled. Publicity also with local celebrieties . I still not recomand. If my results were good i would be happy , but ia not the case. I think you work for dr felix to defense him ... This is my opinion.
  14. Hi, you have been lucky. I had a hair transplant at dr Felix Popescu about 1 year ago, very poor result, almost no hair survive, I think grows 10-15% of the implanted grafts. I takes vitamins, prp injection, minoxidil, but for nothing. Maybe in the first years of first implants he put more interests but now the result of his work is embarassing. I am very unhappy about the results , I do not recomand at all, practically I remain without 5900 euro and without 3000 grafts which he destroyed. Guys do not be fooled like me by his publicity with local celebrities.
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