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  1. Thanks for all the feedback. Here are some pics 4 weeks post op with very slight shedding and now I am 6 weeks post op and I have not had the shedding which many people experience...is that normal?
  2. @Melvin-Moderator I am definitely planning to do the back. I have come this far, I might as well go the full hog. Finasteride is my only conundrum for now. Shall I, shall I not.arghhhhhhh
  3. After months and months of research, contemplating between clinics, countries and surgeons I decided to take the plunge and go for the HLC Clinic in Ankara. A bit of background about me: I am 40 years old, Norwood 6 and not taking any medication. I decided to go for HLC due to many of the positive reviews, the fact that the doctor carries out the full surgery and the fact that HLC are experts with beards. Due to being so far down the Norwood 6 I would need a combination of head and beard for ample coverage. HLC provide accommodation with the costing, a shared apartment, howeve
  4. I was considering FUT, however all the clinics I visited suggested FUE including the top ones in the UK. I have seen some great results from HLC from patients with a similar hair loss to mine and I am hoping (and praying) that I will get decent results from HLC.
  5. Thanks for the info. I have reached out to many surgeons/clinics and narrowed it down to HLC and BF. Eugenix suggested the same as HLC in terms of number of grafts however India is still in lockdown and it will be many months before this changes. Dr Maras also sugested 3000 grafts however they do not do a beard transplant. If I will need a beard graft, it would make sense to stick with HLC for the entire procedure over two HT's. They are the experts in this area and it would make sense to go with them. Further to this I have seen some great results recently and they have also been recommended
  6. Hi all. A quick update, after your recommendations. I reached out to both HLC and Dr Ferreira. HLC recommended 3000 grafts and a further 1000-1500 from my beard in the 1st surgery. After 12 months a second surgery for the crown area. Dr Ferreira suggested 2800 grafts in the first session, wait 5 months and then a further 2800 grafts. He will check the progress and then he can look at the beard as a third surgery to fill any gaps / provide more density. I wasn’t actually aware Dr Ferreira performed a beard transplant however now I am confused as to which one to go with. They both seem to be ext
  7. @Curious25 Thanks for the information. To be honest I have not looked into FUT and I was very nearly sold to Asmed's evaluation of 5000 grafts in one session. A more done and dusted in one approach, however some of the reviews has put me off. I did reach out to Eugenix and they stated I have a max of 3000 grafts in my donor area which is similar to Dr Ferreira's prognosis. If they had suggested more grafts then I would have definitely considered them in a one off mega session surgery. In all honesty I would prefer a one off mega session however it is only Asmed which has offered me
  8. I have reached out to Dr Bruno Ferreira and he has suggested breaking it down into two transplants. The initial one would be for 2800 grafts and the second transplant would be dependent on the the state of my donor area. He also stated that I am on the Norwood 6 scale and suggested a low dose of Finasteride, however he did state that due to my advanced hair loss this may not be of any benefit. Based on this prognosis I am very hesitant in taking the medication as my hair loss is extremely advanced and I feel it is not worth taking the risk in starting this if it will not help. What are y
  9. Thank you all for the updates, it really is food for thought; Asmed and Dr Doganay are definitely off my list now. I will be taking a look at both Dr Bruno Ferreira and Dr Villa. Thanks again for all your feedback and I will keep you posted.
  10. This is my first post so please excuse any errors. I am a 40 year old male in the UK with Norwood 5 hair loss. I have been weighing up options for a HT and want to ensure I am making the right choice and within my budget. I have been doing some research on surgeons in Turkey and I have narrowed it down to two- Dr Koray Erdogan and Dr Doganay. Dr Erdogan has advised between 5000-5000 grafts at a cost of around 12500 euros and Dr Doganay has advised 4000 grafts with a costing of 7000 euros. However with every positive review I read, I then read two negative reviews and I am totally confused
  11. I have been doing some research and also considering Dr. Mehmet. He has advised 5000 grafts however after doing some research I am worried about how experts have said anything over 3000 in one sitting is not acceptable and that the donor area will look patchy. what are your experiences of this?
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