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  1. Thanks, I've got analysis from doctor Ferreira, he suggested a few things. One of which taking finasteride for at least 6 months or indefinitely, and re-evauating in 6 months. Have you had side effects using finasteride?
  2. Thanks, I've seen this post. That's why I was considering him at first. Let's see what Hasson and Wong and Ferreira say. I'll keep you guys updated. I tried applying to Hattingen Dr. Muresanu but the website says my picture files are too big. So I'll skip that for now. I'm considering the doctor mentioned in India by Melvin too.
  3. Just put in a request in Hasson and Wrong, blimey they are super expensive. Let's see how many grafts they say. If I can't go ahead with them I'll the next best depending on the price. But I want to thank all of you for the suggestions, as I didn't find any of these doctors mentioned above, during my search. At first looking at the reviews of Vera Clinics, I booked a flight, Visa and transport. But couldn't find my passport on the last day. Dodged a bullet.
  4. This is night photo, right under different room lighting. My earlier pictures were the worst, as I just woke up either are under strong light or facing window with sunshine
  5. Btw I've sent my request to Dr Ferreira, let's see what he says tomorrow.
  6. I'm willing to wait for the travel to open even if it's a year. I could save up a bit more, would you say that the doctors in the UK results are as good as hasson and wong ?
  7. Thanks, my only concerns with FUT is the marks left for rest of life. And I haven't looked at surgeons in the UK yet as I thought they will cost more for the same procedure/quality in different country. But after your suggestion will take a look.
  8. Hi thanks for your reply, yes I'm only taking 200mg anti depressants. I'm looking to restore hairline. I'm from the UK. I'm I right to think what you said about Dr Wong won't accept this or he'll do a great job? Sorry I'm new to this what do you mean by doing a large strip? Thanks again.
  9. Thanks, I'm only on anti depressants Meds sertraline 200mg/day.
  10. I have approached some clinics including, Dr Keser where I was quoted 2000-2500 grafts, 4 days surgery. His staff has mentioned he does use magnifying glasses, I'm not sure if it's a miss translation, where he could mean microscope. As I asked if he uses microscope, he replied yes he uses magnifying glasses.
  11. Hi I'm 29 year old Male, who has started to notice hair loss around 23 years old. Please see attached photos for my situation. I'm looking to get FUE procedure done only on scalp, I could consider BHT also. Thanks in advance.
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