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  1. Hey Does anyone know which effect and side effect Saw Palmetto has? Are the side effects the same as Propecia? Thanks
  2. And what about to give Saw Palmetto a try? My doctor also said I could give it a try. But I am not sure. Does it has side effects? I mean if it doesnt work and has no side effects I would give it a try and start using it. Some people say it has the same side effects as fin and some people say it doesnt have side effects. My doctor said it has no side effects but it does not work as well as fin. Can anyone please give some answears or send a link to read about saw palmetto. Right now I am using Vitamine B and Biotin. I guess it has no effect but it doesnt not harm to take it.
  3. I dont want to take fin because of the side effects. Honestly the side effects are too strong. It is not worth to take it for keeping some hair with fin. Doesnt make sense imo. What about Saw Palmetto? I heard it has the same side effects as fin? Is that true?
  4. I do not really know about the ingredients. Thats the reason why i thought about asking you guys. Its hard to find something about it. As i mentioned my doctor recommended it for me but I am afraid to use it cuz I dont know if it is like fin or dut.
  5. Hey, does anyone got experience with this product? There is not much information about it, but my doctor recommended it to me. Does anyone know about the side effects. Is it the same as dustarid / finasterid? Or can you recommend sth? Does Saw Palmetto has the same side effects like dust / fin? Thank you in advance
  6. In the following text I would like to share my experience with the Sule Hair Transplant clinic in Istanbul. So that this report is not deleted, I will only report on my experience there without including a personal opinion / evaluation. Everyone can make this up themselves if he should read this text. I got in touch with Aykut (who is the manager of Sule Hair) and he was able to arrange an appointment for me at very short notice, but you have to say that communication was very difficult. Some questions were not answered; if answers came, they came hours later and a phone call was also not possible. It must also be added that he answers in German, but this comes from the Google translator. He speaks English / Turkish fluently. Everything may not sound so exhilarating, but I nevertheless accepted the short-term appointment because the results convinced me. When I arrived in Istanbul on February 28th, 20 I was at the exit for a while (since no one was waiting). After 15 minutes a person appeared and asked me if I wanted to go to Sule Hair. I said yes. This person then told me that they would have to make a short call and would be there for me immediately (after half an hour the person came back) and told me to follow another man. Said and done. Followed the man and thought he is now taking me to the hotel. Not correct. He looked after a number of other people and just left me standing there, and I stood outside at the exit for a while. After an hour and a half, a driver finally came and brought me to the hotel. I do not need to say anything about the hotel, as it is irrelevant to me, because I am there for an operation and not to go on vacation. The next day I was picked up at 7.15 am in the lobby and driven to the clinic with 7 other people. The clinic was in the Medical Park Hospital (I'm not sure if this is a hospital at all). When we entered the clinic, the entire staff was already there. ATTENTION now follows a personal opinion: The clinic was normal, rather modest / old bake I personally found it not as clean / sterile as you know it from Germany or at other clinics in Turkey. Nevertheless, I didn't think anything of it at first, because you shouldn't be too picky either. As soon as you entered the clinic, it started. Photos were taken. A normal iphone was used for this. Then we went to the operating room. Here I have to admit honestly, I had a little stomach ache. Since I also saw a lot of videos from other clinics, I was a little disappointed / skeptical. The room was very small (estimated 9sqm) the couch was very small, the table on which the bowls were prepared was very small and looked a bit brittle (I looked around the room a bit and looked at the instruments), who Micromotor also looked very "cheap" (I know that such clinics mostly use a very cheap micromotor that is actually used more by dentists, but in this case I was disappointed). In total there were 3 small chairs and a small table in the room. It all seemed very tight to me and asked me how work can be done in such a small area. However, I did not let myself be put off by this, because I thought "Well, but the results are still good. That is the most important thing for me". After about 10 minutes in the room alone, someone came in and brought me breakfast (I was a little surprised because I haven't had a preliminary interview / preliminary examination with anyone yet). I quickly ate something and hopefully waited to have a conversation. Then a nurse came in and took blood and I kept waiting. The woman came in 20 minutes later. Explanation for those who have not dealt with the clinic: Sule Hair Transplant is a clinic that offers hair transplants and tooth corrections. Ms. Sule Karatas Ölmez is the head of the clinic together with her husband Orkun Ölmez (Manager) and Aykut (Manager).With the two, you also write on Whatsapp. Sule is not a doctor. She is referred to as an "anesthesia expert," whatever that is. An anesthesiologist is nothing more than a doctor, but it is usually a good thing .... She is definitely not a doctor and does not describe herself as such. Everyone can speculate what references she has.. My speculation makes sense for me personally, but it is irrelevant to the report. In any case, Sule is the one who draws the line that carries out the preliminary examination. and opens the channels.Now to my experience. Sule came into the room with the translator, greeted me warmly and wanted to start drawing a line. However, I slowed them down and said I had some questions in advance. There is no preliminary examination / preliminary interview. She said "Oh, yes, what do you want to know?" I started and asked my questions. There were normal, essential questions that are answered in every 0815 clinic In the course of the conversation, a few more people came to it. Aykut and Orkun arrived after about 3-5 minutes, as well as 2 nurses and one person who was not even part of the hospital staff. Question: How many grafts do I need? Sule: We can see 3000-3500 Question: What does my donor area look like? Sule: Good Question: What does good mean? Sule: We can take 3500 grafts Question: Ok, but what does my donor look like, do I still have enough reserves? How many grafts do I have? Sule: We don't know. You can't say that Question: Actually you can roughly estimate it or not? Sule: No, you can't. - Question: With what density is grafted? Sule: What does that mean? We don't understand that. Question: With what density? How many grafts per q / cm Sule:. Ehm about 70. We transplant wherever there is space Question: - Question: Are magnifying glasses used? Sule: No. We do not use magnifying glasses. Question: But in the videos, magnifying glasses are used and even the manager says that magnifying glasses are used in all steps. It is important to me. Answer: We don't need any. We already know what we're doing. We use glasses when opening the sewer, otherwise they are superfluous. Question: You actually need it. How do you see which grafts are removed. Doctors even use microscopes during the operation to see everything clearly. Here we started laughing, then the two managers and the translator. Sule also laughed briefly about it and then said to Sule: No, no, he's right, doctors sometimes actually use microscopes during the operation. We are not using any of this here. Now there were more people, 2 nurses were added and also a strange guy who did not belong to the clinic and was at my door. Question: Here I talked a little about my hair loss, which is probably very important in my opinion You could see Sule getting more and more hectic and not really listening. I asked whether the direction of growth or the course of natural hair is taken into account, as I have often seen cases where this is not the case (I believe that in such clinics in Turkey one is forced to communicate everything , otherwise people just work according to scheme F. But not everyone wants scheme F, because everyone is individual! This is about an individual service that has to be adapted for everyone!) After laughing at this question, everyone in the room laughed at this question. I did not understand it exactly, because in my eyes these were essential questions. Then Sule, the translator and Aykut discussed in Turkish. Aykut got very loud and you could tell he was getting angry, for whatever reason. One can of course ask the question here. Turkish mentality? But deny it. I'm a southerner myself and clearly we talk a little louder but not at work. Sule was also very angry or annoyed by me. She is probably not used to someone asking questions, just draws the line and leaves. Sule replied: What do you want here? Why did you choose this clinic? Answer: Because I like the results. Sule: But you don't trust me. Answer: I do, but I have to know beforehand what I can prepare for Sule: I already know what I'm doing. Answer: Nobody says anything about it. But it has to be communicated with me. You have to examine me first. Sule: I've taken 10 minutes for you now. What more do you want? The other patients did not receive this special treatment. I have a busy schedule and a busy schedule. Answer: I understand, but where is there such a thing that you don't get a preliminary discussion beforehand. Everywhere you are examined and you have a conversation in which the questions are answered and you discuss everything with the patient. It's something I've had for a lifetime. You don't go to the hairdresser and sit there tacitly and what comes out of it comes out of it You also communicate with the hairdresser what idea you have. And that's something that you don't see after 2-3 weeks. Then everyone started laughing in the room. Sule: I don't have time now. I answered everything. Do you want the operation now or not? You need the answer now! Answer: No, I can't do that. I don't have a good feeling about it. Sule: Well, then take the cannula off him. Then she went out. After the conversation I got dressed again and sat in the entrance room. Then I was called to the office. The translator was honestly the only person who was nice. The situation was uncomfortable for her and she also saw that I was a bit down because I came to Istanbul and wanted to do this operation. I did not expect that the questions would be answered so incompletely and that it would just start straight away without an examination. And please save comments like "about you have to inform yourself beforehand or they already know what they're doing " No, you can't know beforehand and no you may not always know !!! There are so many outages in Turkey, but you don't notice them because these people don't publicize them. Either out of charm, laziness or from a strategic point of view. A colleague of mine was at another clinic 2 weeks before me He witnessed live how an unsatisfied customer got his operating expenses reimbursed because he published it all over the internet. You can all imagine these things if you use your head a little. There is nothing in the world that has a constant 100% quality. There are always failures somewhere. Even more with services than with material goods! Was then taken to Orkun's office. He had listed the costs that I had now incurred and I should pay 480 euros for: - Transfer: airport -> hotel - Transfer: Hotel -> Clinic - Transfer: Clinic-> Hotel - Bloodtest ( I never get the results of this test ) - 1x Night in Hotel So that's it now. That was my experience with Sule Hair. . I didn't do the surgery there, so I can't rate the work of the clinic. I don't think it needs my opinion either, because everyone can form their own opinion through this text and everyone with a little bit of reason probably thinks the same as me. It only became clear to me that it is crucial that if no doctor is operating, there should be at least one doctor who has existed for many years. Who is also recognized as a doctor and at least trains his staff or has at least a few years with him. Sule Hair has only been around for about 3 years. There is hardly any information about the clinic. Neither in recognized forums nor anywhere else on the Internet, except for a few blurry photos and Facebook photos of people who were there In the end, it was unnecessary costs that I incurred, but my gut feeling strongly advised against it (I deliberately wrote the clinic's dealings with me very neutrally, as I don't want to include my rating as I said). But I would rather accept tuition than something I might have regretted. Additive: I have also published this post on Facebook. I heard from some members that they asked about me via WhatsApp and Aykut shared my data and medical history. This clinic shares personal data from patients with normal customers. This is a crime, but even that doesn't interest this clinic. This is my personal opinion but I advise everyone: AVOID THIS CLINIC. It simply passes on your personal data to strangers on request. Aykut wrote me on WhatsApp after I published the report on Facebook and said to me: You are a liar. You will get your punishment for spreading lies about us. Then he blocked me on Whatsapp. Don't trust this dubious person. They are not doctors, they have no experience and no references other than some Instagram photos.