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  1. You look younger than 41 mate! Have you throught about sprinkling oncealer on the crown while it's thickening up? Thanks for sharing
  2. Hello Bill - I have come across many insightful posts by yourself on older threads. Good to hear from you!
  3. You're not a suitable candidate at your current stage. I've seen a good number of patients in your situation look worse post HT due to shock loss from transplanting over the existing hairs. Get on fin and revisit in few years. Good luck
  4. I'm in the same position as you Gatsby mate - booked my transplant through Eugenix in Jan of this year for early June... Am hoping i'll be able to visit India over the Xmas break... The biggest issue i'll face is returning to my home country (New Zealand) where there is currently a mandatory 14 day hotel quarantine. It's free as of now & includes meals!! however the government are discussing charging people $3,000 - $4,000 going forward.
  5. Hey man - thanks heaps for sharing. As a fellow ginger i'll be following this thread closely! Your post-op photos looks clean and I'm sure you'll have a stellar result. Happy growing.
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