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  1. Thanks. Yea I don't want to deal with the scar. I don't know why one of the top clinics in Canada is saying I have no hope while the other one is suggesting I can get ~100grafts/cm^2 which seems a bit high. I know I'll have to do 2 procedures or more in my life but for the first one, do you think it's wise to find a suitable/reputable doctor in Turkey to get it done for lower cost and then another point in my future go to one of the top doctors and spend more money to fill in density? I've contacted HLC and they are charging 2.5 euros per graft which is pretty expensive compared to other clinics in Turkey.
  2. The wait is because I am doing a lot of research to find a suitable doctor. I've spoken to Rahal and they said I'm better off shaving my head. I've spoken to H&W and they said FUT is best procedure if I want 100 grafts/cm^2... I'm not looking for that many grafts/cm^2, if its possible then yes I'd go for it. I'm looking to get good coverage on my head show my scalp doesn't show so much. Prices are very high in Canada that's why I'm looking for Turkey but with all these travel advisories, I am still trying to look for best option. Do you have any doctors in Turkey or Europe that you recommend? Thanks for your reply.
  3. I've tried minox and finasteride and shaved my head... after all these I still feel like I need to get a HT. I've spoke to some doctors and they recommended FUE of about 5000 grafts. Do you have some reputable doctors that you could recommend?
  4. I've consulted with several doctors in Canada and most recommended FUE with approx 5000 grafts for first session. How much more grafts could I obtain with FUT? I really don't want to get the scar.
  5. Thanks. Finasteride alone won't fully grow back hair so I'm thinking I'll have to get a HT sooner or later. Thoughts?
  6. Would you be comfortable showing me your result? Whether its publicly or privately.
  7. Looking to get a hair transplant for my head so my scalp barely shows. I am not expecting long, luscious, dense hair, but enough hair to cover most of my head so my scalp barely shows. I'm 27 years old. On finasteride for 3 months now.
  8. Hmm, I don't know if I want to do a transplant with hair from my beard because I can't really grow it out. By the looks of my donor hair, do you think my hair grafts + beard grafts is the best option?
  9. Clinics have said I could get about 70% coverage with 5000 grafts on first session and then more density in second session. I am on finasteride for 3 months now. Average density of about 40grafts/cm^2 can be achieved but Isn't every patient different so how could a clinic give an estimation of how you'll look in the future? I am doing more research on different clinics but if the doctor is leading the surgery and shows good results from other patients and has good reviews online, is this not enough to see if they are credible? Whats the average amount of grafts a patient can receive in one session without over harvesting? I'm not expecting a full head of hair but at least enough coverage so my scalp doesn't show so much. Maybe SMP tattoos are an option with a transplant in the future? Most doctors have said I got good donor hair.
  10. Which countries are best for Hair transplant considering cost? If the doctor has good reviews, visible results and is performing the operation with a team of people, does this mean there are credible and trustworthy? I'm asking for advice on how to go about my search for a suitable doctor as I've been talking to multiple clinics around the world and most of them are saying the same thing in terms of achieving about 4500 to 5500 grafts.
  11. 27 yo. Most clinics I visited in person in Canada said I could get about 5000 grafts w an average density of about 40/cm^2. I've also consulted multiple clinics in Turkey, what are some cautions you are speaking of? Most clinics stated I have above average donor density. How does my density appear on the photos?
  12. Hi, new poster here. I am about Norwood 5 stage, thin hair on scalp (pic attached). I've visited multiple (approx 5) HT doctors in Canada which most said I would be able to get a transplant done of about 5000 grafts. I am looking to travel to Turkey and have talked to and they mostly said roughly 5000 grafts for first operation and then I would most likely have to come for a second operation in the future: - Hair of Istanbul - Asmed - Longevita - HLC I am asking for advice on which clinic in Turkey would be best suited for my hair loss type? Especially if you have similar hair fall as me. Thanks!