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  1. Hi Dr. Shapiro, 

    Thank you for your reply, and again my apologies for not clarifying which Shapiro did my previous procedure.  

    I really don't want to "move backwards" and punch out my existing hairline.... I understand it wouldn't be perfect, but can't I achieve pretty good results by just having a better surgeon (such as yourself) add hairs to the temple areas to increase the density so it looks full?  And what about using the new "exosomes" treatment?  Do you think that could work in my situation? 

    Thank you!

  2. @Portugal25, thanks for the advice.  I was afraid the stem cell thing was just marketing hype, but that is why I was asking if anyone had any experience with it.  
    In regards to your recommendation, to confirm, is it Raymond J. Konior in Chicago you are referring to? (https://www.chicagohairinstitute.com/about-the-practice/about-the-doctor)

    I also looked up Dr. Juan Couto  from Madrid, Spain but it looks like he's literally booked until 2023.....!  Any recommendations for someone with a waiting list that is in months, not years?  :)

    Thanks again. 

  3. Thank you for your input everyone!

    I had never heard of Dr Konior before.   In other forum posts I had read, I thought there was a general consensus that Hasson & Wong were among the top doctors, I was surprised no one has mentioned them.  

    As far as my previous procedures, they were all 5 plus years ago and I don't remember exact details of my conversations with the doctors.  Each basically agreed that the previous transplant was not good and promised they would do better :(

    A couple of you had mentioned putting beard hairs in the scar.....however, I'm confused why the scar could not just be cut out and then closed tighter with more stitches?  I was thinking perhaps a future procedure could even be taking a larger strip out (including my current scar) and re-closed, extracting new donor hair and removing the scar at the same time?  Is that not a wise approach? 

    Also, does anyone have advanced knowledge of or personal experience with what is apparently called the "HST" stem cell method (I'll post a link below) where the hair will apparently re-grow in the donor area as well (thus, eliminating the fear of ever running out of donor hair)?  That seems too good to be true.....but it's certainly intriguing.  https://hasci.com/treatment/hair-stem-cell-transplantation/   I would love to hear any unbiased results from this method.   

    Thank you again everyone!


  4. Hi, 

    I've had 3 transplants in the past to try to fix my receding hairline and I am very unhappy with the results (My first was with someone from Bosley, 2nd with Dr. Shapiro and a 3rd with Dr. Arronovitz).  If the wind blows my hair back, its very unnatural looking and sparse.  I'm not sure if there is something wrong with my scalp and the transplanted hairs won't grow or what?  But after 3 transplants, I should have much thicker looking hair in my opinion....  On top of that, my scar is very large.  

    I want to give this one last shot and am willing to travel anywhere in the world for the best results.  Who would you recommend as the absolute best for a situation like mine?  I am hoping to achieve a full and thick hairline and get rid of that giant scar.

    Thanks so much in advance everyone!    

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